Mystical Mathematics of Pythagoras

Mystery Teachings Special with Jonny Enoch
S1:Ep827 minsDecember 13, 2021

Pythagoras is a legendary figure cast throughout history for much more than mathematics, but how much of his story has history omitted? Esoteric researcher Jonny Enoch traces the multifarious journeys of Pythagoras to illustrate he was much more of a “Mathe-Magician” than simply a mathematician.

A student of mystery schools across the world, Pythagoras was also a philosopher, an herbalist, a teacher, an astronomer, a Magi of Babylon, and a martyr. Delve into the often-untold and misunderstood history of Pythagoras, exploring his travels and education to paint a more vivid and honest picture of the legendary thinker.

Instructor/Host: Jonny Enoch
Video Language: English