Our Evolution in a Changing World

JZ Knight and Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment with Ramtha
S1:Ep22 hrs, 4 mins2006

In this program, Ramtha presents an overview of the current state of our planet, what the future holds, and how as creators of reality we are at the heart of the problems we face globally. Ramtha’s perennial message to the audience is clear and empowering: “You are the Gods of creation but forgot you are divine beings. To save the world you must first save yourself. When you are free in yourself, you have freed others.”

Ramtha explains how the dramatic Earth changes we face today are the perfect opportunity for personal evolution, just as chaos was for Ramtha in his lifetime 35,000 years ago. The ability to quantum leap into the future and own what ties us down to this current timeline is the key for our survival. Then we will be ready for a journey of ten thousand years into the future and to have contact and collaboration across space with advanced intelligent civilizations that love humanity.

Instructor/Host: Ramtha
Video Language: English