Sidney Kirkpatrick on Edgar Cayce: An American Prophet

Author and documentary filmmaker Sydney Kirkpatrick discusses his research of the American prophet Edgar Cayce, conducted with exclusive access to Cayce’s personal papers and trance readings. Kirkpatrick captured Cayce’s life in detail in his book, Edgar Cayce: An American Prophet.

Edgar Cayce is known as the Sleeping Prophet, and his work has been documented in over 14,000 readings, which have been studied for several decades. His amazingly accurate medical advice and diagnosis, given during the first part of the last century, are better known than is the scope of his influence in the world. Sidney Kirkpatrick lectures on the life, readings and information from Edgar Cayce’s readings as well as writing a regular column for Venture Inward, the A.R.E. newsletter.

Featuring: Sidney Kirkpatrick
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English