Twisting Forward to Face the Day

A well-aligned and dynamic vinyasa class taught by Shannon Paige, is based on the wisdom of strength and container-ship in asana form and transition before any application of momentum. This sequence leverages the myth of Usas, the Goddess of the Dawn, to consider the brave twists that aim from asymmetry, one leg forward and one leg back, to face FORWARD towards the “come-what-mays.”

Shannon moves from the standing poses to the earth to feel the strength, length and space granted by the practice of this family of asana. The benefits of this practice are myriad from lower back alignment and strengthening to digestive healing; however, the most important benefit of this practice is learning Usas’s “ASK” of each human! Its a game changer!

Contraindications: lower back injuries

Props: block, blanket, bolster

Teacher: Shannon Paige
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English