We Are Sound [subtitles]

We live in a world in which man with the prevailing value system "higher, faster, farther" alone can no longer recognize meaning. The people of the industrialized countries, despite overwhelming material wealth, suffer from diseases such as depression, burnout, and the like. The connection to oneself has disappeared — the idea of one’s own "melody" has been forgotten.

With the help of sounds, the individual is once again able to swing into harmony. Through different traditions of sound healing, sound can be experienced anew. There is good science to help us understand the healing phenomena of sound. Cymatics about sound and frequency become visible and experienceable.

What does sound-healing mean? And above all, how should healing through sounds work exactly? How do I sound? And how does the world sound? One’s own rhythm and one’s own melody, which were forgotten, may be rediscovered with the film.

Featuring: Dieter Broers, Lelama Sjamar, Vera Brandes, Gerhard Fankhauser
Audio Languages: English, German
Subtitles: English