First-Ever Yoga Relay for Love

After a life-changing diagnosis, Holly Peckskamp changed how she viewed the world and was then inspired to launch the first-ever 24 hour yoga relay for love. Join her this summer! Watch the video from the inaugural Yoga Relay for Love.

The Diagnosis that Changed Everything

Four years ago my life changed forever when I was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). Upon hearing the diagnosis, I was so lost and scared, the only thing I knew to do was pray. I sat in a gentle meditation where I reflected on self-love. It was in this space that I decided I was going to LOVE my way through this journey with trust instead of fear. I understood on a deep level that a more divine power would be there to guide me.

As the news of my diagnosis began to spread, I received supportive responses from friends, family, and fellow yogis. I felt honored to have so many people care about me, but several sang songs of "fighting" and "beating" cancer. These sentiments felt so intense and filled with fear, that it furthered my resolve to root myself in LOVE. I sent a message to all my friends and family, asking them to hold me in a light of love, believing I am a perfect reflection of God. At that time I shared with them that I would no longer use the word Leukemia, but "LOVEolution", because I wanted to overcome the stigmatization associated with cancer.

Though my journey wasn’t always easy, I truly believe that focusing on love over anger and fear is what helped bring me into full remission.

The LOVEolution Project

During the course of my journey, I came to realize that others in the aftermath of crisis can benefit by their own LOVEolution. It is my hope that the LOVEolution project can transform hearts and minds, and assist those in the aftermath of crisis to mend and move forward with a new connection to their authentic self. Often, while facing life-altering challenges, it is easy to feel fear, anger, and shame.

I especially hope that the LOVEolution Project will help teach the beauty of self-love, as this is the most difficult love to realize, but the most transformative love of all.


Yoga Relay for Love

The Yoga Relay is a 24-hour fundraiser supporting the mission of the LOVEolution Project. The Relay is to inspire a community to join together and celebrate the authentic light in each other, a true relay of love, connection, and empowerment.

Event Info


Saturday, August 29, 12pm through Sunday, August 30, 12pm


Paulus Park, 200 South Rand Rd, Lake Zurich, Illinois

  • 24 amazing hours, 24 extraordinary yoga classes, 1 great cause!
  • Family-friendly event
  • Activities for participants and spectators alike
  • All-level yoga classes for EVERY body, not just yogis
100% of this year’s proceeds benefit Take a Stand – an organization that combats the stigma associated with drug addiction and overdose.

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