3 Methods for Making Contact With UFOs Telepathically

3 Methods for Making Contact With UFOs Telepathically

Having the chance to witness a UFO is an amazing phenomenon, and some people seem to have plenty of encounters. But many of us have never truly had such an otherworldly experience, or we’ve witnessed something, but the moment was too fleeting to really grasp. So, the question is, is there some way to initiate an encounter like this, maybe by making contact with UFOs telepathically?

How to Contact Aliens (Summary)

  • Remote Viewing: Remote viewing is a practice that can be used to make contact with aliens. It requires a modicum of clairvoyance or psychic ability, but this skill is a latent ability within all of us.
  • Meditation: This method of contact incorporates yogic practices and philosophy, vis-a-vis meditation and resonating peace. This method of contacting aliens is likely the most practical method available to everyone.
  • Shamanic Contact:If you can find a real shaman, they can help you contact extraterrestrials as they are are in touch with myriad entities who are not from this world or even this plane.
  • Consult help: contact an experienced spirit releaser

Making Contact with UFOs

Obviously, trying to contact extraterrestrials in the same way we communicate with each other isn’t going to yield many results. One of the biggest hurdles to making contact is likely the conditioning of our westernized minds and how we still regard the UFO phenomenon as a phenomenon. When we accept the fact that disparate cultures all over the world, including far-flung tribes in the most remote locations, have had the same corroborating experiences with otherworldly entities, then maybe we can make some progress. But in the meantime, contact must be made individually or in small groups.

Since we don’t know the area code to our alien ancestors in the Pleaides, we’ll have to make due with telepathic communication. And people have had success to varying degrees using different methods. But if you’re truly serious about making contact, the biggest thing is to have patience and understand that it might take a few tries, but with any luck and a little persistence you’ll make Jodie Foster in the 1997 sci-fi drama, Contact, look like an amateur.

There are three methods that this article will attempt to outline that have provided results to those seeking some type of interaction through telepathic means. Some methods are easier to initiate than others, and it’s understandable that not everyone has access to a legitimate shaman, but at least their sentiment may give you some inspiration.


Remote Viewing to Make Contact

Remote viewing is an intriguing concept with wide-ranging applicability, but it can also be tricky in that it is essentially a 50-50 chance that what you view may be real or may be a figment of your imagination. When successful, remote viewers have seen Soviet bases, found missing persons, and observed characteristics of other planets that were later confirmed by NASA probes. Yes, this actually happened during a viewing session carried out by Ingo Swann at UC Berkeley in the ‘70s, leading to a government-sponsored program known as the StarGate Project. It also inspired a mediocre comedy starring George Clooney and Ewan McGregor.

After Swann successfully viewed a number of physical characteristics of Jupiter before NASA probes were able to image it, the government took interest in his ability and began clandestine operations to exploit his abilities for a multitude of reasons laid out in his autobiography, Penetration: The Question of Extraterrestrial and Human Telepathy.


Ingo Swann Penetration


Initially, Swann was under the impression he was going to be working to spy on the Soviets during the Cold War, but quickly found that the government had been aware of an alien presence on Earth, whom they wanted him to contact.

Swann remotely viewed the moon and found an extraterrestrial presence there that was in the process of constructing a vast network of roads and bases. He mentioned that his presence was eventually noticed by these entities, not visually, but telepathically, though he was told to end his session before having a chance to initiate contact.

Other members of the Stargate Project remotely viewed civilizations on Mars and elsewhere, and while this may seem farfetched, remote viewing can transcend not only space, but also time. It’s possible that these sessions witnessed ancient civilizations that may have once inhabited the red planet as well as ancient civilizations on Earth. Meanwhile, this was all being funded by the government, and it’s well documented on the CIA website.

Remote viewing is a practice that requires a modicum of clairvoyance or psychic ability, but this skill is a latent ability within all of us. With enough practice it’s possible to activate and train this ability in your brain to function effectively. Some resources for learning how to remote view can be found here and here.


alien telepathy


Making Contact Through Meditation

If the voyeuristic nature of remote viewing isn’t your cup of tea, make the ETs come to you. This method of contact incorporates yogic practices and philosophy, vis-a-vis meditation and resonating peace. It’s also a fun, social activity! While this ceremonial approach can be done on one’s own, the power of a group of minds is greater than one, even if we are all part of a universal consciousness. But harnessing the power of a group of friends and your collective intentions is probably the most practical and accessible modality for everyone.

Again, the key to achieving success here is patience, repetition and consistency, so it might be a good idea to start a weekly or monthly meet-up to make this work. If members of the group are not experienced meditators, one of the biggest challenges can be figuring out how to silence your mind and focus on your intention, and this only comes with practice. So, it might behoove you to convince everyone in the group to start meditating regularly on their own, no matter individual levels of experience.




Also, this method recommends some dietary and lifestyle restrictions which could take a while for certain members to incorporate. Though these dietary restrictions are relatively simple: cut back or eliminate refined sugar, caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and red meat, especially within 24 hours of initiating the ceremony.

Once the group is established and the lifestyle habits are laid out, find a quiet, secluded place in nature where you can all go to meditate. Bring warm, comfortable clothes and chairs to sit in so that your comfort level doesn’t distract you during meditation. It may also help to bring any guides or relics that you might find helpful, such as: incense, sage, or palo santo; crystals and crystal singing bowls; candles; and a speaker to play soothing music.

Designate someone to guide the group meditation and sit in a circle so that all areas of the sky fall in at least one person’s line of sight. Begin a guided meditation for a period of time and follow that with individual meditations. After 30-45 minutes, bring yourselves back and discuss your experiences. Throughout the process the group mind should be exuding peace and attempting to express your good will telepathically with aliens.

Afterwards observe the night sky and surrounding environment. Not only should your awareness be with lights in the sky, but also with animals and the atmosphere around you. There could even be entities present who exist on a different plane or wavelength and with any luck, you’ll be making contact with UFOs!


Shamanic Contact

Shamans are often hard to get in touch with. Much like the extraterrestrial entities we want to alert to our presence, it takes patience and perseverance to find a trustworthy shaman. While they do exist in first-world societies, there are plenty of charlatans who pose as shamans, or new age phonies who believe they’ve done their due diligence. Usually, it’s not that easy. One must travel into the depths of a rainforest or to some remote village to find that enlightened soul who can help you. But once a true shaman is willing to help you in your quest, chances are pretty high that you’ll have an otherworldly experience.

Shamans are in touch with myriad entities who are not from this world or even this plane, which makes them the perfect people to help you contact extraterrestrials. Shamans won’t scoff at you or show signs of skepticism toward the belief in an alien presence. They’ve seen them, they know they exist, and they probably find it funny that our western minds have even a shred of doubt as to their existence.




There are numerous accounts of shamans experiencing UFOs and primitive cultures having contact with alien civilizations. There are some tribes that have even named themselves as people of the stars. The Dogon tribe in Mali claim to have been visited by an alien race from Sirius B and have identified stars in that system that were later confirmed by NASA. A Zulu warrior king in Africa is also said to have been abducted by grey aliens, so these archetypical depictions of extraterrestrials are common across all cultures.

Making contact with UFOs is probably commonplace for tribal people, being located in remote and desolate areas in nature and lacking the pervasive light pollution experienced in the first world. It’s also likely that shamans, in the event of contact, are the tribal spokesperson, considering their regular experience in and out of different levels of reality. So, for those seeking telepathic connection with aliens, if you have the means, talk to a shaman.

There’s no one way to make contact with UFOs, but telepathy seems to be the most focused route. Choose a method that’s right for you and go out there and make some celestial friends! Just do it in good will and report back with your experience. Have you ever made contact?

John Warner IV Discusses the State of UFO Disclosure

John Warner IV Discusses the State of UFO Disclosure

Over the past several years, the disclosure movement has taken some interesting turns as videos of UFOs (or UAPs) tracked by the Navy have been made public. With esteemed media outlets reporting on the matter, and credible Navy pilots coming forward to describe their experiences, motley groups of researchers, celebrities, and government insiders have banded together to steer the narrative. 

Within that group is Christopher Mellon, the former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence in the Clinton and George W. Bush administrations, who also happens to be a member of one of the most highly influential families of bankers and politicians in American history.

Mellon first announced his role in the recent alleged disclosure movement through his involvement with To The Stars Academy, a bizarre amalgam of scientists, intelligence officials, and former Skunk Works engineers led by eccentric rockstar Tom Delonge. 

While Mellon’s rhetoric around the UFO/UAP topic has been relatively conservative and pretty much what one would expect from a former intelligence bureaucrat, his cousin John Warner IV has recently begun to discuss his views on the subject from a more radical perspective. 

Warner IV is the son of former Sen. John Warner III who served as Secretary of the Navy from 1972 to 1974 in the Nixon administration. During his storied career in military and politics, Warner III married Catherine Mellon, before divorcing and starting a second marriage with the immensely famous Elizabeth Taylor. 

Needless to say, Warner IV was privy to a stimulating upbringing, rubbing elbows with famous movie stars, top military brass, royal families, and banking moguls, including his grandfather Paul Mellon who was a fox hunting buddy of the legendary Gen. George Patton. In fact, this is one of the relationships in which Warner IV says he was given his first drips of disclosure about UFOs.

According to Warner IV his grandfather was cold and distant from his mother, but the two shared a male bond that led to some interesting conversations, especially regarding his time in Eastern Europe in the late 1940s.

“He said, ‘I was with Patton at the end of the war in Czechoslovakia… I was with Patton in Pilsen and we went into a warehouse and looked at all the Wunderwaffe stuff. You know rocket works, V2, maybe some V3 parts, the Flugelrad with the jet engines and all this stuff. And you know I saw this big disc aircraft,’” Warner IV said his grandfather told him. 

“And I said, ‘Oh, is that the Flugelrad with the BMW jet engines?’ and he was like, ‘No…no’ and that was the end of the conversation,” Warner IV said.

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