Antarctica – A Whole New World

Antarctica – A Whole New World

What makes Antarctica a whole new world or as some would say “out of this world?”  Recent discoveries converged with ancient folk lore have created this recipe of present intrigue for only those who have stumbled upon the information.  We will take an historical, theoretical as well as witness a modern account into what may transform this cold and desolate continent into a whole new concept for humankind.

Old Meets New

From old maps to recent news, clues about the history of Antarctica is slowly being tied together.  Information about the alleged, once-warm landscape, along with ancient artifacts and aliens, has been floating around cyberspace and periodicals.  News of important visits from government officials, royals and astronauts have perplexed viewers.  Post century, Nazi involvement connected with ancient mysticism is now being revisited.  Ancient written accounts from Bible stories as well as fictional tales make some hypothesize about the great flood and the correlation of Atlantis being Antarctica.  All of this creating a very interesting soup for the truth seeker.

Historic Maps

The Piri Reis map is a world map compiled in 1513 from military intelligence by the Ottoman admiral and cartographer, Piri Reis.  The map is a surviving fragment of a larger world map drawn on gazelle skin parchment and was found in Istanbul in 1929.  A continuous shoreline along the north and east coast of South America suggesting the presence of the coasts of Antarctica, a continent unknown at that time, is depicted bending eastward sharply into the Atlantic Ocean.

The Oronteus Fineus map was drawn in 1532 and illustrates Antarctica ice-free. The map shows rivers, valleys, and mountain ranges as well as a detailed coastline before it was trapped under ice.

The same happens for other famous maps, such as the one drawn by French cartographer, Philippe Buache, dated 1739.  Buache is said that he produced his maps using, “geographic knowledge, scholarly research, the journals of contemporary explorers and missionaries, and direct astronomical observation.”

The first discovery of Antarctica was not until 1818.  The year 1853 was the first time anyone set foot on the desolate, icy continent.

According to Charles Hapgood, author of “Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings,”  those maps contain a precise representation of Antarctica as it was before the last ice age.  He suggested that Antarctica was warm at one time and the pole shifted about 11,600 years ago creating a flash flood into ice.  Ancient astronaut theorist, Erich von Däniken, in his “Chariots of the Gods” book written in 1969, suggests a similar idea.  The hypothesis is that maps were drawn by ancient civilizations and the view of the landmasses was seen from above by those in spaceships.

The Parallels of Ancient and Contemporary Writings

 The Book of Enoch was written around the time of Genesis, with the texts found in Ethiopia as well as parts of translated versions discovered amongst the Dead Sea scrolls.  Enoch describes hallucinatory visions of fallen angels, giants, epic heavenly battles, and more.  He was the great-grandfather of Noah and was described as the seventh from Adam.

One of the books within is called “The Book of the Watchers.”  The word, “Watchers,” translates to Sumerians.  The Book of Enoch was supposed to be a warning regarding the Sumerians.  Because of its controversial teachings, the Book of Enoch became discredited by the Jews and the powers of Rome.

Enoch Lithograph

Lithograph by William Blake. Image courtesy of NASSR.


This is a drama about good and evil.  A tale is told that lustful fallen angels descended upon Earth and went on to have children with the ‘daughters of men’.  The offspring became evil giants, with insatiable appetites that devoured all food from animals to eventually humans.  God’s mighty Archangels appealed to the cries of man and were sent to “clean house” through a heavenly and earthly war. The destructive giants were then wiped away by a great flood sent by God.

But were they wiped away?  According to lore, Watchers were not all destroyed but were separated throughout the world and continue to this day to haunt mankind.  The book goes on to foretell a prophecy about the return of the evil and the proposed final judgment of the fallen Angels.

The Nephilim (translated as Giants or Titans) are the sons of the God formed by the union of “daughters of man” according to the Bible in Genesis 6:4. This is a very similar account as in the Book of Enoch but the book of Enoch is written with greater detail.  Then there is the famous biblical tale about David and Goliath which describes a battle with Goliath, a Philistine giant.   A mythical giant (called Rephaim in Hebrew) whose name was Og, was also mentioned in the Torah.  Ancient writings depict giants throughout the world from the beginning of time.

Contemporary scholar, Zecharia Sitchin made connections between aliens, Sumerian gods called the Annunaki and giants in his 1976 book titled, “The 12th Planet” and the book, “There were Giants upon the Earth.”  Through the many years of deciphering ancient Sumerian cuneiform clay tablets, he theorized that the Annunaki came to the Earth and formed a genetically engineered slave race for mining gold.  Today, biblical scholars like,  Michael S. Heiser, speculate about the accuracy of his credentials and his writings along with the legitimacy with his translations.

Gaia’s series Hidden Origins by Michael Tellinger shares fascinating details about the ancient gold mines of South Africa and the correlation to the Annunaki and a human slave race.

A Giant World

These giants, who have been mentioned in various texts and ancient lore for centuries, have left evidence through remains and ancient art that have been scattered across the world.  The evidence through their large bodies and elongated skulls have been found throughout the world from Asia to Paracas in Peru.

The ancient Egyptian royalty such as Nefertiti and her husband, Akhenaten along with their children are usually depicted in artwork being of tall and thin stature with elongated skulls.  Ancient alien theorists consider Akhenaten to be the last pharaoh that was a descendant of extraterrestrial origin. We also see traces of evidence with the giant, god-like monoliths left at Easter Island.

Later in this article, we will revisit the correlation between giants and make the connection to Antarctica.

Is There an Atlantean Connection?

Throughout thousands of years, Atlantis has been thought to be a parable opposed to being taken literally.  History enthusiasts have been left with curiosity since the time of Greek philosopher, Plato, who wrote Timaeus, back in 360 BC.  According to his writings, the island was larger than Libya and Asia put together.

With this being the case, any small Mediterranean or Caribbean island would not fit the description.  It was said to be situated in front of the straits of the Pillars of Hercules.  To summarize, Atlantis was a great empire having vast power and rule over much of the lands with military might and highly advanced technology.  Due to violent earthquakes and floods, the island disappeared into the depths of the sea.

Then, there has been an associated and unimaginable tale of mixed beasts being what we would refer to as ‘engineered’ in this mysterious place called Atlantis.  The Edgar Cayce readings had talked about Atlantis and some of the horrid that came to be through human cloning and the beasts created.

“Edgar Cayce’s Story of the Origin and Destiny of Man (1972),” written by author Lytle Robinson talked about the combining of man and beasts based on the Edgar Cayce readings:

“Overcoming the monstrosities, the mixtures and the animal influences was accomplished through rebirth, surgery and evolution towards a more divine purpose. The animal influences finally disappeared about 9000 B.C. Remnants of these creatures, with their appendages of wings, tails, feathers, claws, and hooves were later depicted accurately in Assyrian and Egyptian art. The sphinx is a notable example of one of the earlier monstrosities.”

So what does this have to do with Antarctica?  Keep reading and connecting the dots.


The Nazi Connection

As written in an article by Massimo Polidoro back in 2013,  Hitler allegedly had ordered an expedition to find the inside of the Earth and that it was located at the South Pole.  Admiral Karl Doenitz told of this during the Nuremberg trial when he stated: “The German submarine fleet has even now established an earthly paradise, an impregnable for­tress, for the Fuhrer, in whatever part of the world.”  Although he did not specify where the exact location was, many believed it was Antarctica.

The theory is that the Nazis mapped out a region that included rivers and caves along with a large geothermal lake that they claimed under their rule.  “New Berlin” and Base 211 were the names associated with this alleged Antarctica base with extraordinary rumors of Germans having access to ancient alien technology, spaceships, higher mathematics, inter-dimensional travel, and advanced physics.

From breakaway societies, the hunt for esoteric relics to reverse engineering, the Nazi’s have created a unique storm of intrigue and controversy.  According to Gaia’s program, Deep Space, the Germans were keepers of secret technology which was locked away after they fled to Antarctica after World War II.  The episode shares that the Nazis fled after the war and headed for an Antarctica base in what they called, “Neu-Schwabenland.”

It also goes on to tell the story about Operation High Jump, in 1947.  This was led by U.S. Admiral Byrd, along with 4000 military troops to Antarctica.  They encountered heavy resistance from “flying saucers” and had to call off the mission.  Admiral Byrd conveyed his story to the South American newspapers but the U.S. government advised him to remain secret about the operation.  In later accounts, he had also reported seeing a massive hole near the South Pole that was the entry to the “Inner Earth.”

Hollywood’s Take on Antarctica

The creation of movies with aliens emerging from ice has been produced since the time of black and white films.  In 1951, “The Thing from Another World,”  was one of those chilling tales.  Then the 1982 adaptation of this movie became “The Thing,” which was set in frozen Antarctica starring Kurt Russell alongside a parasitic extraterrestrial life form. And who could forget about one of the most famous sci-fi movies ever produced about aliens and Antarctica,  “Alien vs. Predator.”  Curiously in this movie, its storyline involves not only unknown alien species but also a pyramid buried underground.

History Channel’s Ancient Aliens, aired “Pyramids of Antarctica,”  on May 6th, 2016.  It exposed photos of a potential 4 sided pyramid structure viewed from satellite along with other pyramid formations that can be perceived as mountains.  Linda Moulton Howe also described on this episode, the testimony of a squadron pilot’s expedition that revealed a massive hole in the ice with an estimated entrance cave of over 200′ diameter.   This whistleblower was the eye witness of multitudes of silver darting flying objects during a previous expedition.

Anunnaki 101: The Ancient Gods of Sumer

Anunnaki 101: The Ancient Gods of Sumer

Who were the Anunnaki and why do we care? The short answer is: The Anunnaki were the deity pantheon of the ancient Sumerians. And interest in the Sumerian culture has been active and persistent since it was discovered in the 19th century — for several reasons.

Who were the Sumerians?

The Sumerians appear on the archaeological record beginning around 4,500 BCE. Located in present-day Iraq, the region, a.k.a. Mesopotamia has long been referred to as “the cradle of civilization.” Sumer was a handful of city-states initially ruled by priests, each organized around a city and temple now called  a “ziggurat.” The ziggurats, dedicated to Anunnaki worship, were layered pyramids with flat tops. These communities were considered to be “servant-slave” populations dedicated to serving the temple gods, the Anunnaki. Over time, priesthood rulership gave way to kings.

The Sumerians were skilled trade merchants and acquired lapis lazuli from Afghanistan, cedar from Lebanon, and gold from the Indus Valley. Their agrarian culture gave us the plow as well as “time” — the 24-hour day and 60-minute hour.

Read Article

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