The Baltic Sea Anomaly; A Crashed UFO or Natural Rock Formation?


In the annals of unexplained mysteries, the Baltic Sea Anomaly is one of the more bizarre deep-sea finds of the past decade. The discovery occurred in 2011 when a deep sea exploration team called Ocean-X, came across an unusual formation 300 ft. below the surface, off the coast of Sweden.

Upon further inspection, divers and surface crew reported malfunctions in their electrical equipment whenever they came within 200m of the object, which appeared to be shaped, oddly enough, like the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars.

Peter Lindberg and Dennis Åsberg came across the giant 180 ft. diameter mass on June 19, 2011, while trolling the Baltic and observing sonar imaging along the seafloor. They quickly picked up on the anomaly due to its circular shape and distinctively straight protrusions. Adding to the mystery was what appeared to be an extensive trail – what some speculated could be evidence that a crash landing may have taken place.

The Baltic Sea Anomaly Documentary

Shortly after their discovery, Lindberg and Åsberg set out to create a documentary that chronicled their attempts to dive down and study the anomaly.

The two parlayed their clout from a previous exploration, in which they recovered a cache of vintage champagne from a 1907 shipwreck that sold for record prices at a Christie’s auction. This allowed them to embark on the bold endeavor of investigating the Baltic anomaly, which they hoped was either an extraterrestrial spaceship or a secret Nazi structure from WWII.

Looking at sonar imaging, the anomaly showed interesting characteristics that seemed to distinguish it from a natural rock formation. The explorers pointed to what appeared to be a staircase and a rounded hole encircled by a square frame as what they believed were distinctively artificial features.

The crew returned to the surface with samples of the object that were later tested by Volker Brüchert, an associate professor of geology at Stockholm University.

“I was surprised, when I researched the material I found a great black stone that could be a volcanic rock,” Brüchert said. “My hypothesis is that this object, this structure was formed during the Ice Age many thousands of years ago.”


Imaging of the Baltic Sea Anomaly


But despite his analysis, Brüchert said it was possible that the samples they collected may be covering up something beneath the surface – something artificial – and the Ocean X team believed that was the case. They wanted to go back down and capture definitive proof, though acquiring the funding would prove difficult.

And Brüchert’s assessment didn’t necessarily help with publicity, as news outlets that originally claimed the find was an extraterrestrial craft, picked up on the fact that their collected samples were simply gneiss and granite.

Headlines began to appear, which quickly shifted the narrative and labeled the anomaly “debunked.” This frustrated Lindberg and Åsberg who, still to this day, haven’t been able to finance another trip down to determine whether it’s definitively natural or artificial.

A WWII Remnant of the Nazis

Less than five percent of the planet’s oceans and seas have been explored, and though the Baltic is almost entirely landlocked, it is a massive body of water located in what was a hotly contested area during WWII.

At that time, the Baltic Sea created a natural boundary between the Allied Soviet Union, neutral Scandinavia, and the Axis powers of the Third Reich. Needless to say, it was an epicenter of naval activity, primarily in the battle to control the Baltic states of Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia.

In the struggle for control over this key real estate, countless mines were planted, and naval warfare waged to protect key shipping routes, especially for the Germans who relied on a supply of iron ore imported from Sweden. During this time, it is believed the Germans constructed underwater structures to scramble communications signals and possibly disrupt enemy mines.

Could this explain why the Ocean-X team’s electrical equipment failed within 200 meters of the anomaly?

The Germans also allegedly ran a clandestine program, which attempted to create flying saucers – leading some to posit the possibility that this be a crash site of one of the elusive Nazi Foo Fighters.

These potential explanations are more practical than an extraterrestrial space craft, though they’re just as intriguing.

But according to Russian publication the Baltic has had UFO sightings in the past, notably during an instance in 2008, in which a silver disc was witnessed hovering around the Russian province of Kaliningrad. There are a dearth of reports to corroborate this claim.

Baltic Sea Anomaly Update

Lindberg and Åsberg haven’t posted any updates to the Ocean X page in a few years, however a YouTube video from 2012 appears to show another trek down to the anomaly in a submarine rover.

Unfortunately, the video doesn’t provide much in the way of answers or even anything visually distinctive, as there’s a lot of sand and dust kicked up, which obfuscates the view. However, there is a momentary glimpse of one of the anomaly’s walls, showing a rock face that appears too smooth and well-shaped to be a natural feature – though this is an observation from a layman’s perspective.

In subsequent reports there have been claims that rock sample tests turned up limonite and goethite – metals one geologist claims could not be found occurring naturally in an underwater rock formation at the bottom of the Baltic.

Baltic Sea Anomaly

Others studying the inconsistencies and strange features of the anomaly have compared it to the Yonaguni monument off the coast of Japan. Located just 25 meters below the coast of Yonaguni Jima Island, these ancient ruins present another point of contention among archeologists who argue over its provenance.

Could these structures have any relation or are they simply uncanny natural formations? Unless Lindberg and Åsberg find a sponsor to fund their exploration, we may never know.

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UFO Alien Drone Technology

Between 2006 and 2007, dozens of people in various geographical locations around the United States all reported seeing the same type of UFO. It was about 25 feet in diameter and saucer-shaped, with tentacle-like wires extending about 30 feet into the air. The body of the object was only about two feet thick, too small to be piloted by humans. These objects were nicknamed “dragonfly drones” because of their unusual shapes, patterns of movement and because they seemed to be controlled remotely.

Those who saw the dragonfly drones reported that they would appear, then disappear from sight, only to reappear again, all in a few seconds time. Where did they come from? Could they be aliens spying on Earth? Or were they a part of the government’s secret space program? The mysteries of dragonfly drones caught the attention of Howe.

One day in 2007, Linda Moulton Howe, a long time UFO researcher and documentary filmmaker, opened her email and found she had been sent 12 photos of the objects. It inspired her to find out what they were and where they came from.

Who is Linda Moulton Howe?

Linda Moulton Howe wasn’t always a UFO researcher and filmmaker. She started her career by winning Miss Idaho in 1963 as part of the Miss America Pageant. She entered the contest in hopes of winning a college scholarship, which she did. She went on to graduate cum Laude from the University of Colorado and earned a master’s degree in communications at Stanford University. She has won numerous awards for her work in the UFO field and for her work on television documentaries. She is particularly interested in extraterrestrials and the possibility that our government is working with them to advance technology and the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Based on her work in the UFO field, it makes sense that people would send her photos of the aforementioned UFOs. In addition to the photos, the observers also provided verbal descriptions of what they had seen. The photos had all been taken at the Big Basin in the Redwoods in California.

In addition to the description of their size, the people who had seen the objects said they spun in one direction, then changed directions, still spinning.

There was no sound associated with the spinning. Observers also noted that the objects appeared in their sight, then disappeared and reappeared all in a matter of seconds.

Based on her vast experience, Howe knew the photos were authentic and she believed the reports of the witnesses. Shortly after receiving the photos, she received a phone call from a person who said he had secret information about the dragonfly drones. He wouldn’t give his real name and only used the name Isaac.

Government whistleblower Isaac told Howe that in the 1980s he had worked on a secret program in Palo Alto, California, for a government organization called the Commercial Applications Research for Extraterrestrial Technology (CARET) program. His task, alongside a large number of other computer specialists, was to work to incorporate technology learned from aliens into U.S. manufactured drones. Isaac said he had seen the photos and recognized parts he had helped develop using extraterrestrial technology on the underside of the objects.

This, of course, intrigued Howe. She opened communications with Isaac to discover what he knew and to learn as much as she could about the unusual UFO drones others had observed.

Whistleblower Isaac, CARET and Alien Technology

In that phone call to Howe, Isaac told Howe that he was an electrical engineer and computer scientist who had worked for a few years for the Department of Defense (DoD). While he was there, he was selected to work in the government sponsored CARET program, which was housed in a large building in Palo Alto, California.

According to Isaac, he and the other scientists selected for the CARET program worked in a building that, from the outside, looked like an ordinary two-story library. Just like so many other government programs that hide in plain sight, the real work was done several stories underground in the CARET building.

There were between 200 and 300 scientists working in the building. Their mission was to see if, in the Palo Alto atmosphere, the scientists could accelerate the learning of a new computer language or, at least, try and figure out a new language to use in the dragonfly drones.

Each scientist worked in his or her own cubicle with a specific assigned task. They were not allowed to share their information with each other, so Isaac didn’t know what the others did. He studied symbols that they called self-activating software. They tried for 30 days to properly duplicate the symbols, but they couldn’t. He also worked on parts for the dragonfly drones. The main objective of Isaac’s job was to work with alien technology, “figure out how it worked,” and insert it, in its modified form, back “into commercially viable products.” He was never told where the technology actually came from, and he suspects none of the other scientists working on this project were told. They were told only that it was “non-human” technology.

Isaac did know that the reason the UFOs described in the photos appeared, disappeared, and then reappeared was because they were made to be invisible. When the frequencies got jammed, the light around the drones would bend and the invisibility would momentarily flicker.

Isaac claimed he came forward when he recognized the dragonfly drones in the witness reports and photos as the same technology he worked with at the Palo Alto CARET facility. One witness who was contacted by Isaac said that Isaac reassured her she had not seen a UFO drone, but the object she had seen was made in the U.S. He also told her that if the drone had been working properly, it would have been invisible and she never would have seen it. In addition, he claimed that dogs can see these drones even when they’re invisible. Dogs may bark at something, but when we try to see whatever they are barking at, we cannot see anything.

What Do You Think about the Dragonfly Drones?

According to an article in Truthfall, there has not been a dragonfly drone sighting since 2008. What does that mean? Was the UFO dragonfly drone program successful? Are invisible drones with alien AI hovering over us right now? Does the government own or operate them, or have they fallen into private hands? If they do still exist, are they something we need to be worried about, or will they be helpful to us?

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