Ancient Civilizations
Season 1 . 10 Episodes

Explore ancient sites and delve deeper into the forgotten codes hidden throughout ancient mythology to unlock new understanding of humanity’s origins.

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S1:Ep1, Searching for the Garden of Eden (Preview)
Ancient Civilizations (Trailer)
Episode 1
27 mins
In this inaugural episode of Ancient Civilizations, we explore the Garden of Eden with several scholars who have peered past the accepted tales to reveal a forgotten history of the birth of humanity.
Episode 2
26 mins
The discovery of the Gnostic texts in Nag Hammadi, Egypt changed what we knew about the ancient world and brought to light competing concepts of creation and control. Our exploration of ancient civilizations continues as we to illuminate the gnostic worldview.
Episode 3
28 mins
We explore the tree of life, as it is conceptualized in many enduring spiritual traditions to discover that it is much more than a pervasive myth. Encoded within the lore, we find a deeper understanding of how we were created and the secret to unlocking the divine spark.
Episode 4
26 mins
Legends tells us that language once unified all of humanity, but a detrimental blunder led to this once-unifying force becoming a means of mass confusion. By rediscovering this ancient, forbidden language, we may find returning to unification is an individual journey beholden with many paths to transcendence.
Episode 5
23 mins
Arcane accounts from Egypt, Greece, Rome and Sumeria tell startling similar stories of the oceanic destruction of advanced ancient civilizations which are being rediscovered. These lost cities hold the secrets to unlocking the ancient code of human origin and destiny.
Episode 6
27 mins
Our scholars of ancient history present a new theory concerning the Great Pyramid of Giza that you may not be familiar with. The greatest secret may not be in its construction, but as a powerful device which enabled the rebirth of Osiris as Horus.
Episode 7
26 mins
The great sphinx of Giza, the oldest known monument from the ancient Egyptian world, stands as a symbol of the arcane mysteries still waiting to be unearthed. Could the truth about our past, and Enki’s knowledge given to humanity, be locked in an ancient chamber situated below the great beast’s paw?
Episode 8
28 mins
Massive stone monuments, intricately placed in astronomical alignment, may have once opened portals to the universe. Science fact has proven that magnetic fields periodically connect celestial bodies, enabling the transport of physical objects.
Episode 9
28 mins
Is there an ancient code which points the way to inner earth civilizations like Agharta and Patala? Oral traditions from indigenous cultures, throughout the world, all point to ancient advanced civilizations thriving deep under the earth.
Episode 10
30 mins
Was Göbekli Tepe built as a sacred interstellar portal connecting the people of Earth with extraterrestrial civilizations? As the world’s oldest monument, built in the cradle of civilization, recent discoveries may be our strongest evidence connecting the establishment of human civilization under the rule of the Annunaki.