Ancient Civilizations
Season 3 . 11 Episodes

Explore ancient sites and delve deeper into the forgotten codes hidden throughout ancient mythology to unlock new understanding of humanity’s origins.

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S3:Ep1, Seven Symbols of Atlantis (Preview)
Ancient Civilizations (Trailer)
Episode 1
29 mins
Has the lost legacy of Atlantis finally been discovered, with seven prominent symbols displayed right before our eyes?
Episode 2
30 mins
With a computer graphics simulation, we reconstruct the Temple of Heliopolis to demonstrate how it generated electrical power across a network of obelisks.
Episode 3
27 mins
Konstantin Korotkov has conducted field experiments with pyramids to learn of their effects on human wellbeing. His results are surprising and unexpected.
Episode 4
28 mins
Genetic material taken from elongated heads found in Peru, as analyzed by Nassim Haramein’s team, indicate an otherworldly origin. Our team of experts connect the dots between the locations of pyramids around the world and the discovery of elongated skulls.
Episode 5
27 mins
Many scholars think that the greatest discovery of Dendera is the Zodiac displayed on the ceiling within the Temple of Hathor. But our team of experts reveal that the codes of the universe have been embedded throughout this temple’s structure.
Episode 6
27 mins
We travel to the Atacama Desert in Peru to discover the secret of the Nazca lines which point to the location of interdimensional portals. Could the recent discovery of the Nazca mummies be connected?
Episode 7
27 mins
What if the” junk DNA” in our genetic code is not really so useless at all? Evidence suggests that this genetic material be humanity’s link with an ancient race of giants.
Episode 8
27 mins
Our team of investigators delve into the mysteries of stone circles to show that they could have been used to communicate with extraterrestrials, and travel through time.
Episode 9
39 mins
Has the connection between Atlantis and Egypt been found? Our team of experts reconstruct the path Enki would have taken from Atlantis to Abydos, forging the sacred tales that would be repeated in the life stories of many religious icons to follow.
Episode 10
40 mins
It might be possible, according to our experts, that underneath the Pyramids and the Sphinx, could be the remains of an ancient city or a military base built by the gods whose visage can be seen upon the Sphinx.
Episode 11
1 min
Journey around the world with experts like Andrew Collins, Freddy Silva, Billy Carson, and more. From Zep Tepi to Easter Island and Machu Picchu, this season delves into ancient sites all around the world.