Ancient Civilizations
Season 5 . 9 Episodes

Explore ancient sites and delve deeper into the forgotten codes hidden throughout ancient mythology to unlock new understanding of humanity’s origins.

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S5:Ep1, The Motherland of Mu (Preview)
Ancient Civilizations (Trailer)
Episode 1
27 mins
What catastrophe ended the ancient civilization of Mu?
Episode 2
27 mins
Did Edgar Cayce and Plato provide clues to the location and ending of Atlantis?
Episode 3
26 mins
How drastically did the Younger Dryas alter Earth's surface and human evolution?
Episode 4
29 mins
Were certain cultures pre-informed of the complete alteration of Earth?
Episode 5
27 mins
Woven into legend, the mysterious origin of our moon has long been explored.
Episode 6
28 mins
The battle for the accepted timeline of our planet reveals an Atlantean outpost.
Episode 7
27 mins
Did displaced ascended masters from ancient homelands relocate to the "land of dragons?"
Episode 8
25 mins
How did prediluvian megaliths appear on the world’s eleventh largest island?
Episode 9
29 mins
In the remote Amazon rainforest, is there evidence connecting Mu and Atlantis?