Ancient Civilizations
Season 4 . 11 Episodes

Explore ancient sites and delve deeper into the forgotten codes hidden throughout ancient mythology to unlock new understanding of humanity’s origins.

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S4:Ep1, Pre-Diluvian Civilizations (Preview)
Ancient Civilizations (Trailer)
Episode 1
26 mins
Is there archeological evidence across ancient sites from around the world that suggests civilizations thrived before the flood?
Episode 2
28 mins
Was the Giza Plateau designed to be “Heaven’s Mirror,” perfectly aligned with astrological constellations above? Venturing back in time to 36,400 BCE to Zep Tepi: “the first time,” experts explore an era of gods building the foundations of humanity.
Episode 3
25 mins
Is it possible humanity had advanced civilizations in the Fertile Crescent tens of thousands of years ago? Learn how Babylon is considered contemporary in comparison to the original five cities of this region, as scholars uncover an ancient yet advanced past.
Episode 4
26 mins
Were underground cities like Derinkuyu in the Cappadocia region of Turkey built by ancient yet advanced beings, maybe not of this Earth? Were these underground cities built by humans, or were they a gift from pre-diluvian gods to help humans survive the end of the world?
Episode 5
24 mins
Will recent evidence help us uncover the original Mythological Gateway that once stood as a sophisticated city 12,000 years ago before the Great Flood? These discoveries could corroborate the Mahābhārata to reveal truths of a time once considered myth.
Episode 6
29 mins
Could the megalithic Easter Island heads connect with ancient structures of Göbekli Tepe, and if so, does that mean they were carved over 12,000 years ago? As scholars examine the bodies of these Moai statues, they reveal links of pre-diluvian cultures.
Episode 7
28 mins
When was Machu Picchu built, and could its megalithic foundations offer proof of a pre-diluvian connection? With over 200 structures uncovered, evidence at Machu Picchu is pointing to contrasting time periods with architects of differing sophistications.
Episode 8
26 mins
What information is encoded within architecture at Tiwanaku and Pumapunku near Lake Titicaca? With megalithic ruins linking ancient sites worldwide, experts are hypothesizing these wonders could belong to civilizations as old as Mu, Atlantis, or Lemuria.
Episode 9
30 mins
Could the secrets of Palenque lead to pre-diluvian architects within the mysterious lands of the Mayan Empire? Exploring the architecture, foundations, and connections to Atlantis and Mu, experts examine Palenque and the site’s astronomical alignments.
Episode 10
27 mins
What ancient clues are leading researchers to explore Japan? Linking the megalithic architecture of Osaka Castle, Yonaguni Monument, and Ishi-no-Hoden with similar sites like Easter Island, experts are connecting these mysteries with the empire of Mu.
Episode 11
1 min
From the moon to the sunken city of Cuba, Season 5 of Ancient Civilizations explores new discoveries that are rewriting human history with experts like Erich von Däniken, Gregg Braden, Freddy Silva, Andrew Collins, and more.