Fast & Plenty with Chef Cynthia Louise
1 Season . 8 Episodes

Join Chef Cynthia Louise as she guides you on an epic cooking journey with fast & plenty recipes that are simple, satiating, and superbly delicious.

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Join Chef Cynthia Louise as she guides you through an epic cooking journey where you will learn fast & plenty recipes that are simple, satiating, and superbly delicious. These beautiful recipes have been created for you using ingredients that are easy to find and pack a bunch of flavors.

This is your chance to develop a love affair with delicious yet easy and quick to make recipes that taste amazing and that deeply nourish every part of your body - including your tastebuds.You’ll learn a mix of old favorites made healthy and new exotic dishes to try, all given a healthy makeover to be made totally guilt-free, light, and nourishing, whilst mouth-wateringly delicious. With quick 15-minute feasts, we have got you covered!

Host: Chef Cynthia Louise
Episode 1
14 mins
A simple technique to make a smoothie bowl super thick and creamy. It's perfect for kids after school and even for us big kids!
Episode 2
14 mins
Making your own broth will completely transform the way you think about the humble noodle!
Episode 3
13 mins
No boiling hot water needed to make your rice paper soft. These incredible and filling rice paper rolls are made with whatever you have in the fridge!
Episode 4
12 mins
The taste of this dish when it is finished and you get to dig in is INCREDIBLE!
Episode 5
14 mins
The textures and flavors of socca can only be described as earthy and crunchy. Top it off with salad and any vegan cheese or mayo for a delicious meal!
Episode 6
20 mins
This incredibly moreish and light dish is a great go-to for family dinners. Everyone will be blown away!
Episode 7
16 mins
You won't be able to get enough of these. Easy to make and super delicious!
Episode 8
10 mins
Creamy and filling without the food coma crash afterward, this is a family favorite!