From Survive to Thrive: Practices for Everyday Wellness
1 Season . 7 Episodes

In this series, through asana, pranayama, and meditation, we will experience each of the five Vayus, the five winds of life, and blossom into our true being by incorporating these Vayus into our everyday life.

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Respiration and Nourishment (Preview)

Often we have the sense that life is happening to us rather than with us, and we are left in a contracted, disempowered state of stress. As a result, we meet life in a habitually reactive way in order to get by and simply survive. Eventually, our perceived lack of control drains our body, being, and spirit of health and vitality.

Through the teachings of the Vayus, the five winds of life, we can learn how to accompany the current of life and regain personal power, knowing that life is happening for us and through us. Engaging with the wisdom of the Vayus, we will see the defensive patterns that we had stored in our bodies and minds begin to soften as we open up to life’s nourishment. We begin to cultivate the ground upon which the vitality of our spirit can move from merely surviving to unconditionally thriving. In this series, through asana, pranayama, and meditation, we will experience each of the five Vayus and blossom into our true being by incorporating these Vayus into our everyday life.

Host: Meg McCraken
Episode 1
11 mins
In this introduction to the series, you will gain a fundamental understanding of each of the Vayus and find perspective on the ways in which the Vayus show up in our everyday life.
Episode 2
42 mins
Enjoy a sweet sequence of nourishing movement designed to revitalize your body and mind and help you to breathe in the presence of each moment. Through movement that opens the side body and releases the psoas muscles, give your respiratory system a little boost. Wrap the practice with a simple mudra meditation to nurture the vitality budding within you.
Episode 3
43 mins
Ignite the fire at your core to promote optimal digestion, enhancing your ability to turn all experience into wisdom. Practice breath work, meditation, and movement focused on core strength and twists.
Episode 4
44 mins
Reclaim your radiance and soothe your shoulders! Diving into vyana vayu, work with flowing, expansive movements of the arms and shoulders, rich breath patterns, and meditation to optimize the circulatory system and our capacity to flow with the currents of life.
Episode 5
46 mins
Uncover your capacity to authentically express and create in this life. Through physical work that liberates the neck, throat, and chest regions, cultivate the courage and space for clear communication and conscious, creative action. Begin with simple, gentle movements coordinated with the breath, then explore backbends, heart salutations, mudra, and meditation.
Episode 6
39 mins
Explore a deep journey of serene forward bends, long exhales, surrender, and radical trust through this gentle, grounding sequence. Explore an intentional focus on the vayus (winds) that move prana (energy) through your body. Empty and open, tranquil and clear, you can begin to develop the capacity to receive with grace whatever the winds of life have in store for you next. Complete your practice in a seated meditation.
Episode 7
1 hr 4 mins
Balance and harmonize your nervous system through the physical vagus nerve and the five energetic prana vayus (energetic directions of life force). Often called the nerve of harmony, balance, equanimity, and compassion, the vagus nerve helps to regulate all of our bodily functions including our stress response. This comprehensive practice includes gentle movements, pranayama (breath) exercises such as nadi shodhana (alternate nostril breath), and bandhas (energetic locks) to calibrate the nervous system and release habitual patterns stored in the body and mind.