First, congratulations! Having a baby is one of the most profound physical and emotional experiences of your life. This incredible time can also be a tremendous opportunity for growth. Prenatal and postnatal yoga can offer a supportive way for you to connect with your body and baby by providing a gentle and effective workout. Whether practicing for ten minutes or an hour, there is a video for all! Although yoga is considered a safe form of exercise, every body is different and it's important to discuss your use of yoga with your healthcare professional. During pregnancy, yoga helps build muscular strength and flexibility, develop balance and coordination, increase circulation and promote relaxation. With our collection of prenatal yoga videos, you'll discover a powerful way to connect to the beauty and transformation of pregnancy, birth and motherhood. Never feel pressure to hold a pose for the maximum amount of time. Your body is unique. Listen to your body, your breath, and your baby. Practice with gentleness and grace. In our postnatal yoga videos, our teachers understand that your body has gone through quite a transformation from pregnancy, birth and now in the post partum time. Your body is recovering and healing and taking care of baby. Every body responds to having a baby differently and every birth is different. Some women are ready to return to yoga much faster than others and there are many factors that go into assessing whether you're ready. In prenatal and postnatal yoga, it's important to tune into your body to determine a comfortable level of exercise. During and after pregnancy, your energy levels vary day to day and your body may feel weak or unfamiliar at times. With our collection of prenatal and postnatal yoga videos, our teachers gently guide you through graceful and strengthening positions to help you reconnect to your body and your baby.

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