Level 1

Just starting out or recovering from an injury? Welcome to yoga level 1! In this collection, you'll find a variety of practices and tutorials designed to gently ease you into the world of yoga. These sessions are designed for those with no previous exposure to yoga, who are willing and eager to learn. In level 1 yoga, our teachers provide slow-paced direction with a high level of detail. They'll guide you through the basics and help you learn how to connect to your breath. However, don't be confused. This isn't to say that yoga level 1 is for the stiff or out of shape. Even the most flexible and athletic of practitioners need to understand the basics. By understanding the value and key components to foundational postures, you'll be able to enjoy a deeper, safer, more fulfilling experience. These level 1 yoga courses assume no prior knowledge to the poses and therefore cover the most basic and crucial elements that you should be aware of. These videos are also suited for anyone working with an injury. Be sure to listen to your body and not to push yourself past your limits. Yoga level 1 is also great for more advanced students, who are looking to refine their basic postures as these are often the foundation for more difficult poses. Browse our selection of level 1 yoga to start your journey, today!

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