Anger Management
Hypnotherapy for Breaking Unwanted Habits with Natasha Taylor & Sophie Fox

This Anger Management guided meditation & hypnotherapy session is aimed for people who want to control their anger and respond in a more calm and rational way.

Please make sure you have listened to our introduction video at the start of this series to help understand how guided meditation and hypnotherapy works and all the benefits it can bring. Anger is a result of thinking that we have been unfairly treated or disrespected, or that others have broken or fallen short of your rules, standards or expectations, and you won’t stand for it. Thinking this way can lead you to feel angry, which stimulates the body’s adrenaline response which is your body’s way of helping you to cope with either fighting or running away (‘fight or flight’ response). We respond by acting or feeling an urge to act, in sometimes a threatening or aggressive way. In this session we will help you to gain control of your emotions by helping you control your initial instinctive anger responses. We recommend that you listen to our session at least four times so you can really compound the positive messaging, override the old beliefs and help your mind create new neural pathways to controlling your anger.

Host: Natasha Taylor & Sophie Fox
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English