Day 1: Get Ready

Today in the Cleanse: Welcome & Introduction Get ready to change your life. Today you’ll get an overview of The Conscious Cleanse Clean Eating & Yoga Challenge from Jo and Jules. Set your intention for this two-week journey, get the 411 on clean eating and yoga practice, plus get a Grocery Shopping List and plenty of easy recipes to create. Make sure to complete the Wellness Evaluation today and get a baseline on your health. After you complete the challenge, you’ll revisit it to assess your remarkable progress!

Don't forget to download and print all of your materials in the Cleanse Packet at Want to see the whole program to get a sense of what to expect? See the Cleanse Overview at

Today’s Yoga Practice: Happy Tummy Why do yogis cleanse? To calm the mind chatter and clear the habits that stand between us and our true nature. Jo’s deep and directed abdominal practice will ignite your confidence and stoke your digestive fires. Time to burn away the energy that keeps you stuck!

Props: block, rolled up yoga mat.


Today: ✓ Take wellness evaluation ✓ Take a vibrancy photo ✓ Go shopping for green smoothie ingredients ✓ Review all of your cleanse documents ✓ Find 29 minutes for today’s yoga practice

Tomorrow ✓ Get ready to drink a green smoothie every day

Teacher: Jo Schaalman
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English