How to Overcome Fear and Self-Sabotage with Ocean Ramsey

Ocean’s story is uniquely her own - a competitive freediver turned shark conservationist, you may be thinking 'how can I relate? When it comes to overcoming fear and self-sabotage, whatever that may look like, the strategies to working through it are much the same; be it shark or public speaking. In this interview, Ocean will share a little bit about herself, her work, why she’s an advocate for shark conservation, and how she works through the challenges she faces along the way.

In this interview, you will learn:

  • About why she is so passionate about the ocean and shark conservation
  • How we all rely on the health of the ocean
  • The detriment of our single use plastic lifestyle
  • Self discipline and how to make it instinctively natural
  • How to turn fear to fascination
  • How do you work through fear
  • How to take not and learn from others experiences and expertise
  • How to consciously program yourself
  • How do you take yourself and work to the next level
  • The importance of adapting to challenges
Featuring: Ocean Ramsey
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English