Planet of the Plants

In this opening episode of a new season of Psychedelica, a team of psychonauts reveal how we can reconnect with the soul of our planet through plant medicines. Plants make up more than 80% of the biomass of our planet, and it is possible that they have an intelligence which could help inform us of what reality really is. As our society pushes on with innovative technological marvels, we increasingly move away from the spiritual consciousness of our world. Thus, it is vitally important that we learn from the shamans of ancient traditions who can help us reconnect with the plant world and the morphogenic fields of our planet to engage with deepest intelligence of our world.

Host: Ben Stewart
Featuring: Alexandre Tannous, Brigitte Mars, Kimba Arem, Dennis McKenna, Anton Parks, Maya Shetreat, Joe Tafur, Rick Strassman, Tricia Eastman,Terrence McKenna
Audio Languages: English, Spanish, German, French
Subtitles: English, German, Spanish, French