Reconnecting with Gaia Consciousness

Depression, anxiety, and trauma. Much of our modern pain comes from a disconnection with each other and the natural world. But the careful use of psychedelics could help us get back to Gaia consciousness and alleviate many of these symptoms. Modern institutions are rediscovering what ancient keepers of plant medicines already knew about the importance of our connection with the natural world. They are rediscovering that every ecosystem holds a plethora of neurotransmitters naturally produced by the flourishing fauna. In the soil below, we find a network connecting all of these plants enabling them to communicate with each other. In this final episode of Psychedelica, we explore how plant medicines could give us the means to reconnect and heal in our most needed ways.

Featuring: Dennis McKenna, Maya Shetreat, Brigitte Mars, Kimba Arem, Rashad Evans, Andre Tannous
Audio Languages: English, Spanish, German, French
Subtitles: English, German, Spanish, French