Nazi Germany Used Anti-Gravity Technology Called “The Bell” to Power Flying Saucers

If someone told you that Nazis used UFO technology to travel to the moon and Mars in the early 20th century, would you believe them? There is mounting evidence that Nazi-era Germans were in possession of advanced technologies that allowed them to make covert missions to the stars.

As we learn more about this dramatic period in history, it’s likely that the Nazis really developed spacecraft and traveled beyond Earth. One of the primary innovations of the Nazi secret space program is the Nazi Bell, which may have played a role in the development of UFO technology.

What is The Nazi Bell?

Those who claim the Nazis visited the moon, Mars and possibly even the Aldebaran solar system often point to evidence of “The Bell.” Known as as “Die Glocke” to the Nazis, the Bell served as a spaceship power source that was capable of defying gravity.

Although this revolutionary technology was not known to the masses, it was a central component of Nazi Germany's secret space program that existed more than a century ago. Allegedly, the Nazis used the Bell as the focal point for the design and development of flying saucers during Germany's reunification period (known as “Wiedervereinigung”). Many referred to the Bell as “wunderwaffe,” meaning “secret weapon.”

The Nazi Bell got its name due to its shape. Though it was not a perfect replica of a large church Bell, its wide bottom and comparably narrow upper portion gave it the appearance of one. It measured between 12 and 15 feet high and around 12 feet wide. Those who claim to have knowledge of the Bell insist it was comprised of a very hard and heavy metal along with a lighter metal referred to as “Leichtmetall.” It was also made of beryllium peroxide and thorium peroxide.

What Did the Nazi Bell Do?

Once activated, the Bell had an "effect zone," or a zone in which certain things would happen, that stretched between 490 and 660 feet. Some claim that extremely strange things occurred within this zone, such as the formation of crystals within animal tissue, the decomposition of plant matter into a greasy substance, and the gelling and separation of blood.

The Bell flying saucer was powered with a liquid fuel known as Serum 525 or Xerum 525. Proclaimed insiders describe it as cherry red, velvet or maroon in color and viscous, dense and gooey in texture. Some, like author Henry Stevens claim this liquid was actually red mercury.

Serum 525 was placed in large, counter-rotating cylinders that spun at an incredibly fast speed. The rapid spinning combined with the highly charged electrostatic tube created an anti-gravity propulsion that powered spaceships to considerable heights and rates of speed.

Some historians with a penchant for conspiracy theories claim the German flying Bell was housed in a facility referred to as “Der Riese,” or “The Giant” in English. Der Riese was located by the Wenceslaus mine, within driving distance from the Czech border.

Evidence of the Nazi Bell

Once World War II ended, many Nazis were put on trial for war crimes and violations of human rights. One of them was Jakob Sporrenberg, a former Nazi SS Obergruppenfuhrer.

A Polish War Crimes Court put Sporrenberg on trial for the murder of 60 German engineers, scientists and technicians. Sporrenberg detailed the Nazi Bell project that he referred to as “Die Glocke” in his Polish War Crimes Court affidavit. He described the secretive nature of the Bell and admitted that the scientists and engineers were murdered to prevent them from discussing its details with others.

According to Sporrenberg's affidavit, the Bell was a highly advanced technology that produced a hissing or buzzing sound when operating. He noted that his fellow Germans often referred to the Bell as “Der Bienenstock,” which is the German word for "beehive."

Yet the evidence of the Nazi Bell's existence does not start and end with Sporrenberg. Many conspiracy theorists point to the paintings of the late 19th century artist, Charles A. A. Dellschau, as additional evidence of the Bell's existence.

Dellschau's paintings preceded the Nazis’ Bell project. He was a member of the cryptic German Sonora Aero Club collective, a group that constructed independent aircraft. Dellschau painted highly detailed representations of what would soon be dubbed as “Die Glocke,” or the German Bell.

If Dellschau had completed only one painting, it easily could be shrugged off as a coincidence. However, he painted hundreds of UFOs that look strikingly similar to the Bell.

Dellschau's paintings of the anti-gravity Bell might be an indication that German engineers had knowledge of the Bell long before it was actually put into use during World War II. Some even claim that Dellschau's Bell paintings are evidence that he was in contact with hyper-intelligent extraterrestrials with a pro-Nazi agenda.

Written Evidence of the Nazi Bell's Existence

Those who believe in the Nazi Bell’s existence often point to the writings of several authors, including:

Igor Witkowski

Witkowski was a Polish author and journalist. His 2000 publication, "Prawda o Wunderwaffe," describes the Bell in detail. “Prawda o Wunderwaffe” translates to “the truth about the wonder weapon.” This work was eventually re-printed in German under the title of "Die Wahrheit über die Wunderwaffe."

In his text, Witkowski refers to the futuristic UFO technology as “The Nazi-Bell.” He claims that he first discovered the Bell when poring over the classified transcripts from Sporrenberg's Polish War Crimes Court testimony in 1997. He claims that an unnamed individual who allegedly worked within Poland's intelligence community provided him with the documents. Unfortunately, Witkowski stated that he was not permitted to copy the transcripts and could only transcribe their content.

Witkowski also claims that five of the initial seven engineers working on the German Bell project perished in the midst of its tests. He states the Bell's test rig ruins are in a concrete structure at a Wenceslas mine located about two miles from the Complex Sokolec subterranean Project Riese works. According to Witkowski, the Bell was eventually moved to a South American country governed by a group that was sympathetic to Nazi ideology.

Nick Cook

Cook was a military journalist and author. Cook expanded on Witkowski's tellings of the “Nazi-Bell,” providing his own opinions and research in his book, The Hunt for Zero Point. Cook believes the Bell was eventually transported to the United States per an agreement made between SS General Hans Kammler and American officials.

Henry Stevens

Author of a 2007 book titled "Hitler's Suppressed and Still-Secret Weapons, Science and Technology." Stevens' text explains that the violet-hued substance used to power the Bell was actually red mercury, since traditional mercury does not contain fluid compounds. Stevens also tells a story of a German scientist named Otto Cerny who allegedly told a teen named Greg Rowe of a special Third Reich technology that utilized a concave mirror atop a device that many believe to be the Nazi Bell. Rowe claims Cerny told him this device was even capable of generating images from the past.

A slew of additional writers like Jim Marrs and Joseph P. Farrell have made mention of the Bell in their publications, often associating this “wunderwaffen” or “miracle weapon” with Nazi occultism, free energy and anti-gravity research.

##What Happened to the Bell Following World War II? Though some are unsure what really happened to Adolf Hitler, German medium Maria Orsic or the Nazis' Bell, there are plenty of rumors. Many conspiracy theorists agree that the Nazis shifted locales to the Arctic Circle and/or South America following the execution of their top scientists.

Some believe that Nazi leaders continued their secret space program by developing UFO technologies and communicating with extraterrestrial beings through channelings in the years following World War II.

Some conspiracy theorists believe that a handful of Nazi leaders traveled to the Aldebaran solar system with the Bell technology and that extraterrestrials telepathically transferred other UFO schematics to Orsic. Others believe the Nazis still have secret UFO-development bases in the Arctic that have yet to be uncovered.

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