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Standing Yoga Poses

Ever wonder why you should practice standing bow pose? You’ve come to the right place. Yoga’s standing poses not only keep you on your feet, but they can provide you with a strong foundation for the rest of your practice. By creating a blueprint from the ground up, standing postures inform your body spatially, providing you with instant feedback. Many standing postures also ask you to work on your balance by moving you onto one foot. Additionally, you’ll find that one of the biggest benefits of standing yoga poses is improving your core strength. Because your core is required to stabilize your spine in all standing poses, incorporating these postures into your daily routine will provide you with functional strength – the kind that will keep your posture looking and feeling great, morning to night.

When done with awareness, standing postures teach you how to stabilize your core in a healthy, sustainable way. From mountain pose (tadasana) to extended hand to toe pose (utthita hasta padangusthasana),focusing on how the entire body works together in order to keep you in proper alignment will give you a new appreciation for this category of postures. When practicing, start with your foundation – your feet – and then work your way up all the way through the crown of the head. Pay attention to each muscle group, noticing how energy is moving through. By keeping your entire body active, not just your legs, you’ll transform your standing postures, breathing new life into how your practice looks and feels.

The beauty of standing postures is that they incorporate every major action needed for a healthy body – from spinal twists to forward folds. By getting familiar with these postures, and finding ways to bring them into your daily practice, you’ll enjoy a body that is healthy, strong, comfortable, and at ease when balancing.


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What are the best yoga poses for a beginner?

Tadasana is the blueprint for the majority of yoga postures, so becoming familiar with how it should feel in your body is a wonderful way to begin. Diving into the warrior postures (virabhadrasana I and virabhadrasana II)is another smart way to kick off your yoga education. These postures are commonly used in yoga classes and sequences, and they’re a great way to build strength in your whole body. Many students also love the way triangle pose (trikonasana) feels in the body because it strengthens and stretches at the same time.

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