Kerri Kelly

First attracted to yoga in the late 90's following a series of running and sports-related injuries, Kerri Kelly left a thriving career in marketing to apply herself to empowering others through yoga. Kelly has been instructing yoga for seven years and is always investigating many forms of yoga to guarantee creativity and stability in her classes. Realizing the potential of yoga, Kerri Kelly views the practice not only as a way to revamp her body, but to heal her spiritually. Kelly's classes are known for their challenging but spirited energy, as she aims to improve her student's development of a sound body, a appeased mind, and a wholesome spirit. Kerri Kelly has been exceedingly affected and inspired by teachers such as Janet Stone, Seane Corn, Desiree Rumbaugh, Max Strom and Rusty Wells. As an avid teacher of cross-training workshops throughout the Bay Area, Kelly created a Yoga for Runners program. She is currently the Director of Possibility for a non-profit, Off the Mat, and Into the World and is dedicated to assembling the yoga community around the sole purpose of creating definite social change.

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