The Balanced You
1 Season . 21 Episodes

At birth, we’re each gifted with a unique constitution that’s derived from the elements of our natural world: Fire, Water, Air and Earth. We express the qualities of our innate elements through our (ahem, sparkling) personality: Have a sharp tongue and a quick wit? A go-with-the-flow attitude? A compulsive need to go barefoot (much to the dismay of your office mates)? An introspective, leave-me-be vibe? Through celebrating our dominant element’s qualities and quirks, we begin to understand how a balance of all elements can bring us a sense of ease and well-being. We challenge you to create your most balanced, finely-tuned self through our 21-day Balanced You guide. Combining handpicked programs and practices that honor all four of the elements, we’ll guide you daily into a balanced state of grace, harmony and peace.

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Day 1: Water (Preview)

At birth, we’re each gifted with a unique constitution that’s derived from the elements of our natural world: Fire, Water, Air and Earth. We express the qualities of our innate elements through our (ahem, sparkling) personality: Have a sharp tongue and a quick wit? A go-with-the-flow attitude? A compulsive need to go barefoot (much to the dismay of your office mates)? An introspective, leave-me-be vibe?

Ashley Turner introduces our handpicked programs and practices honoring all four of the elements. Together with practice tips and practical suggestions, join her in a daily journey that guides you into a balanced state of grace, harmony and peace.

Teacher: Ashley Turner
Episode 1
53 mins
Bruce Lee famously said, "Empty your mind. Be formless, shapeless like water." We're liking the sound of that. In day one's practice with Clara Roberts-Oss, she takes us through a slow, undulating practice that moves the body in a flowing, deliberate and martial arts-inspired way. Get ready to cast your fishnet. (We're not sure what that means, either.)
Episode 2
55 mins
Give in to gravity and relax into the lap of the Earth. Experience a series of rooted postures, both seated and standing, focused on the legs, hips, and deep breathing to restore a sense of balance for yourself.
Episode 3
36 mins
In yoga and other movement arts, our arms represent the flames of our practice, ignited in our body's center and radiating out through our limbs. Kerri Kelly pays special attention to our arms and upper body in this fiery and focused practice. Don't worry, she doesn't bite. Hard.
Episode 4
15 mins
Have you ever watched your mind? This soothing meditation invites a retreat from competing thoughts to restore peace within.
Episode 5
39 mins
Watch water flowing down a river: it goes around the rocks and through the obstacles in its way. Now take some inspiration from the water's fluidity by navigating life's twists and turns with the same easy grace. Today, Gina Caputo is back to take us on an exploration of familiar asanas, helping us to liberate stuck energy and find our water-like essence. Keep calm and flow on.
Episode 6
28 mins
With society's go-go-go expectations these days, it's easy to feel like you're floating away - and not in a good way. Getting grounded can recenter your body's energies and bring you back down to Earth. Cutie Cameron Gilley leads us through a floor-centered Yin practice that helps us to reestablish our roots. Mat out, phone off, lights low: let's get grounded.
Episode 7
37 mins
Fire: the great transformer! Dynamic and alive, fire morphs stagnant energy into luminous radiance through one simple thing: a spark. In this fiery practice with Gina Caputo, you'll light your inner fire with the help of your own ignition, turning any sluggish energy on its head. Anyone got a light?
Episode 8
29 mins
Just like your car needs an oil change, your body's energy centers need regular maintenance. A chakra tune-up can calm your mind and reinvigorate your body. Danielle Mika Nagel takes us through a slow, restorative practice that checks in on each of our seven chakras. Haven't scheduled a tune-up in a while? Now's your chance.
Episode 9
31 mins
In the sea of life, the waves can come crashing - and it's up to us whether we're pummelled into the sand or we ride it out. Meghan Currie leads us on a water-inspired journey through the body, using slithery movements to unravel tension and wring out toxins. Anticipating life's next wave? Take Beyonce's advice: ride it with your surfboard.
Episode 10
26 mins
Find a sense of groundedness in this slow and deliberate practice to establish a firm connection with the earth through gentle movement, pranayama (breath work), and restorative postures. Our breath plays a powerful role in bringing our minds and bodies into a state of calm presence. When we sync our breath with our body's movements, that's where the real magic happens.
Episode 11
20 mins
It's no secret: the center of our bodies serves as a powerhouse on a multitude of levels. From metabolism to circulation to fertility, our primordial strength radiates from this energetic hub. In today's practice with Clara Roberts-Oss, we stoke our inner embers to ignite our fire. Bring your endurance to the mat today. You'll thank us later.
Episode 12
14 mins
Ram Dass summed it up better than most: Be Here Now. Bringing awareness of the present moment to your thoughts, their patterns and their physical manifestations in your body puts you on the fast track to an overall sense of calm and peace. And who doesn't want that? Meditation master Bernie Clark is back with a 13-minute meditation on mindfulness, and reminds us that it's not about the destination, it's about the journey. #Truthbomb
Episode 13
20 mins
Get in touch with your feminine side (dudes, you have one too!) with the flowing movements of belly dancing. Through the sensuality of our hips, we coil the energy along the spine and express it out through the limbs. Gillian Cofsky teaches us a few bellydancing basics and incorporates them into this fun and feminine practice. Shake it, don't break it!
Episode 14
23 mins
Busy days can make us feel like we're a balloon floating away in the swift breeze of life. Plant your feet and find groundedness with this series of standing poses, then end the practice with a guided relaxation to get ready for the day ahead.
Episode 15
55 mins
Core strength, metabolism, internal flame: all of these things refer to the agni that we carry within our body's center. Every so often we should tend to our fire, stoking the embers and fanning the flames to ignite and invigorate. Melina Meza takes us through an agni-igniting practice that will make any belly a happy belly. Suffering from a burrito baby? This one's for you.
Episode 16
20 mins
Disconnection is the new worldwide epidemic. Whether it's from our bodies, from others or from our intuition, it's time to reengage. Ready to plug in? The eloquent Sarah Harrison guides us through a beautiful meditation on the vibrancy of life's interconnectedness. You'll feel light as a feather in less than 20 minutes. You've got time, we promise.
Episode 17
38 mins
Just like a river, the flow of our body's energy is a constant one. Whether it's a steady stream or a slow trickle, we emit a fluid energy that others can read. Help bring balance to your body's energy with this water dance from Mara Branscombe. A steady stream of movement unites breath and body in a fluid practice. A few Kundalini kriyas help to stir the waters. Get ready to ride.
Episode 18
38 mins
Sometimes you need to get back to basics in order to find your footing. Bells and whistles aside, we focus on the basic movements of our practice that keep us grounded - and keep us coming back to the mat. Cristi Christensen leads us through an Earth Prayer flow to reestablish our connection to the earth. Joshua Tree National Park serves as a beautiful background for this grounding class. Dig it. (See what we did there?)
Episode 19
35 mins
Whether it's in our emotions, our memories or our thoughts, there's a story that can be set alight, burned to ash and blown away. We all have something that's holding us back or not serving us anymore. Ready to be your own firestarter? Zain Saraswati Jamal takes us through an invigorating practice to ignite our barriers to find liberation. Pyromaniacs welcome.
Episode 20
1 hr 18 mins
The three marks of existence - suffering, impermanence and selflessness - are motivating factors for many of life's decisions, whether or not we're conscious of it. In this opening Yin practice with Bernie Clark, he invites us to explore these characteristics of human life as we move through liberating hip openers and spinal flexion and extension. Get ready to go deep.
Episode 21
1 hr 1 min
As technology evolves and communication quickens, our connection to nature and its natural order wanes. In this well-rounded practice of nature's elements, you'll create cohesion, fuse broken connections and restore balance. As above, so below.