Michelle Trantina

Teaching Hatha and pre-natal yoga since 2001, Michelle Trantina is the co-founder of MyYogaOnline.com and produces as well as creates most of its video content and platforms. Her interest in multiple forms of yoga, meditation, voice, and movement work from an early age expanded to exploring mind-body connection, and how our state of being affects who we are and what we experience. In 2005, her love of film and entrepreneurial endeavors emerged and her passion for yoga and wellness lead to My Yoga. Michelle Trantina took her first yoga class back in 1991 and since then has explored multiple other forms of yoga's. Yoga has been a tremendously trans-formative and powerful part of her life so she loves to share this with others through My Yoga Online. Currently, she can be seen in the yoga television series Namaste airing worldwide.

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