Vinyasa yoga connects breath to movement with sun salutations, standing and balancing postures, twists, backbends, and more. Explore the vast variation in teachers’ styles and pace within vinyasa to find strength, stamina, and flexibility. Great for those looking for a more athletic style of yoga. Gaia vinyasa practices range from five minutes all the way up to 90 minute classes. Practice online vinyasa yoga videos before or after work, on a lunch break, at home with the family, or in your hotel room for a flowing practice. Some vinyasa yoga practices are energizing and sweat-inducing, while some will invite a slow, steady flow to prep your nervous system for deep relaxation or sleep. As we learn vinyasa yoga, often the physical part of the practice comes first, then the breath awareness, then putting the two together. As with any yoga practice, remember that it's a practice -- keep coming back to your mat!

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