Develop graceful and supple strength with Gaia?s Power yoga videos. Through the integration of breath, movement, intention and relaxation, you will begin to feel your true strength, true health and authentic self emerge. Along with uncovering a healthy and aligned body, our Power yoga videos demand your attention and a consistent practice. Discover the life-changing benefits found in Power yoga. As you thread the mind and body together, you'll come to your true power. In this Power yoga online collection, you'll create a long, lean, and strong body. However, strength is only as valuable as it is useful. You must be able to apply the force of your muscles throughout a full range of motion. This is the ultimate definition of power. Our Power yoga videos will help you to simultaneously build strength and elasticity throughout the major muscle areas, while rejuvenating your mind and body and increasing the vitality of your circulation. Discover how to let go of the habitual tension that creates stress in your body and mind. Smooth, synchronous breathing provides a natural rhythm that will help to harmonize, focus, and leave the past behind in order to attain the steadiness you need to be present in the moment. Through continued practice of Power yoga, you'll relieve the stress of achy joints, increase strength and flexibility, and notice a rise in your energy level.

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