Below Surface

The extraordinary power of community is revealed through an unlikely subject: a YMCA Aquafit class. The gathering of multicultural and multigenerational stories from the Aquafit class demonstrates how kindness and caring for others, combined with exercise, can be an antidote for grief, stress, and physical illness. The heartwarming honesty of the participants is a reminder of the power we all have to support one another.

Featuring: Patty Kondub, Dick Rauh, Mary Lake Polan, Althea Seaborn, Joan Evon, Betty Auber, Will Burnie, Sharif Abou Saab, Dick Auber, Linda Abou Saab, Nor Smitbol, Anne Banks, Madeline Lee, Nathalie Fonteyne, Brian Ferencem, Bill Ferencem Barbara Rosem, Ruth Sherman
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English