The Flame of Transformation

Kevin Courtney
Yoga Every Day
S17:Ep20HathaLevel 1-236 mins

Join Kevin Courtney for this energetic, well-rounded practice that will kindle your inner fire, known as tapas in the yogic tradition. We begin with a gentle, full body warm-up, followed by a a heating shaking-practice to release stuck energy. We then move into an asana sequence that includes standing postures, pranayama, core work, and a closing wall-supported inversion to turn up the heat. We then close with cooling, floor-based postures and a short breathing exercise.

In the end, you can count on tapas to be the fuel for personal transformation that will place you on the path of both power and grace.

It is recommended to have a wall nearby for this practice.

Instructor/Host: Kevin Courtney
Video Language: English