Kundalini: Evolution Is Coiled Within You

1 hr, 4 mins2010

What is a Kundalini awakening experience? Is it always positive? Can it be induced or is it spontaneous? In this documentary we hear from people who have experienced a life-changing kundalini awakening in different stages of life, from a wealthy wife to a failing businessman.

We investigate the quest for answers, and the kundalini experience as a path to higher consciousness. Beyond science, beyond religion this untapped powerful resource — available for centuries within every human body — is still unexplained, mysterious and kept secret until today.

Featuring: Pandit Gopi Krishna, Chrism, Paul Pond, Lawrence Edwards, Barbara Harris Whitfield, Scott Perkins, Lee Lawrence, Chandi Devi,Gene Kieffer, Dale Pond, Bradly Curtin, Tami Simon