No other alien species strikes as much fear in the human psyche as the Reptilian. These beings, snake-like in appearance and malevolent by nature, are the stuff of nightmares. Is it possible that Reptilian humanoids are the source of the devils and demonic entities who have tormented humanity since early history? Many alien researchers and contactees postulate that these lizard creatures may have been the mythological characters spoken of in numerous ancient religious texts and folk beliefs.



In Chinese mythology, there exists a special reverence for Reptilian creatures. Dragon Kings symbolize the power of the four elemental corners, shapeshifting into humans at will, pulled by celestial dragons in their heavenly chariots.


Within Islamic mythology, the Jinn are creatures of smokeless fire who sometimes appear as snake-like beings; the Jinn were created by God and exist under the same rules as mankind.


Some researchers believe that extraterrestrial entities have influenced humans since the beginning of human history, creating cultural practices around their likeness. Zecharia Stitchen believed that the Anunnaki of Sumerian mythology was an ancient ET race, controlling humans and using them as slaves to do their bidding.


There are also claims that the snake from Genesis was in fact a Reptilian being, who convinced Eve to break her oath to God by tasting the forbidden fruit of knowledge.

Could these myths be interpretations of Reptilian humanoids, suited for the time, place and circumstance around ancient moments of contact?


These creatures are thought to originate from the star system Draco.


Physical Characteristics

While some of these mythological creatures play benevolent roles within their given society, the Reptilians encountered in modern abduction scenarios are generally cruel and negative beings. Standing anywhere from 6 to 8 feet tall, their most recognizable feature is their snake-like head, skin, and eyes.

Abductees report a variety of skin colors ranging from brown to green, red, and sometimes white. These colors and the presence of wings are said to signify rank amongst the Reptilians, with the white skinned beings viewed as the elite class.

Their webbed hands have three fingers, tipped with long, sharp talons, and they are often seen wearing armor or cloaks. Some abductees report scratches and bruising after an encounter. Reptilians are fourth and fifth-density beings.

Communication Methods

Many agree that a hallmark of the Reptilian alien is an almost sadistic tendency towards eliciting human drama and fear. These beings utilize psychic communication, and abductees report that Reptilians seem to intentionally manipulate human emotions. This is achieved by using the emotional field created by trauma as an energetic source that the Reptilian supposedly feeds from. Some can implant screen memories upon their subjects, creating false scenarios to hide an abductions occurrence. It is also reputed that Reptilians can access the human dreamscape, attacking people on the astral plane. Reptilians are known to be master shapeshifters, able to assume human form.

Mode of Transportation

Reptilians generally travel in disc-shaped craft.

Intentions on Earth

David Icke, a popular Reptilian researcher, has accused presidents, kings, and queens of being shapeshifting aliens, intent upon controlling the resources on planet Earth for their own benefit. Although the Reptilian is often approached as a physical creature, some claim that these beings exist outside of our dimension. This would make their shapeshifting an immaterial manipulation of human consciousness. Reptilian creatures seem to be warlike beings, bent on conquest and control.

Common Abduction Scenario

Positive Reptilians are not the norm, and many abductions involve forcible acts upon the abductee. Some of these intrusions are sexual in nature, leading researchers to the conclusion that hybridization between humans and Reptilian may be in progress. Abductees have reported encountering strange amphibian-like beings while abroad Reptilian ships, but perhaps the truth of their intervention dates back even further than recent encounters. Researchers hypothesize that human beings may have been genetically altered by these entities for thousands of years, torn from a peaceful evolutionary path by otherworldly forces and subsequently enslaved.

The darkest rumor goes beyond genetic manipulation. Some believe that Reptilians are farming humans as cattle to satiate their apparent taste for Earthling flesh.

Notable Researcher: David Icke

Abduction scenarios and contactees of the Reptilian species seem to share similar experiences of psychic violence and manipulation. The most notable researcher of these creatures is David Icke, a former BBC sports correspondent turned alien researcher, who states that the Reptilians are the source of many of the problems that currently plague societies around the world. Their goal is the domination of resources and all aspects of human life, from the physical to the psychosocial.

Icke believes that this elite ruling class, also known as the Illuminati, carry the vestiges of Reptilian DNA from an ancient hybridization program.

These powerful rulers seek to remain in power through any means necessary. Icke’s views on the Reptilian Agenda are quite controversial and have been criticized by some as concealing racist undertones.

Are Reptilians Inherently Evil?

There are some who claim to have been in contact with peaceful Reptilians, which leads to the question of whether an entire species can be classified as inherently evil. After all, humanity has its share of cruel and manipulative individuals, yet many people on Earth are good-natured and value love above hate and destruction. Do you believe that Reptilians are purely evil creatures? Have you had your own experience with these extraterrestrials? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


Christine Aprile

Christine Aprile is an intuitive tarot reader, writer and musician actively pursuing the boundaries of thought and perception. Her interest in all things extraordinary began at a young age at the local library, eventually leading her to the study of visual arts, tarot and symbolism. This passion for the ephemeral can be seen in her approach to the metaphysical and extraterrestrial as subjects meant to illuminate the mysteries of the physical world and human consciousness. Christine is currently a tarot reader and dream interpreter at the House of Intuition in Los Angeles, where she acts as a guide for spiritual seekers across the world.


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