Who Was I In My Past Life?

Who Was I In My Past Life?

There is an old saying: To know who you were in a past life, look at how your life is, now. To find out who you will be in a future life, look at how you are living that life.

This adage applies aptly when you want to know who you were in a past life. It is best not to trudge through the remnants of a distant past, slogging through random moments in order to discover little gems from bygone eras. Rather it is good to know that somewhere buried in your subconsciousness lies the memories of pivotal moments which have shaped your personality and have guided you towards the lessons that you are encountering in this life.

You can think of time like a river; running forward, always into the future. But, with the right contraption, let’s say a boat which can traverse such waters, one has the means to travel upstream, against the currents and backward in time. With such a boat, you would be able to rediscover events from the past. They would replay right before your eyes. All you need is a map to locate these pivotal moments.

Mapping Your Journey

Fortunately, that map is something that you carry with you across lifetimes. It is contained within your subconscious and finding a relevant point on that map begins with a simple question. What is the origin of something which you are experiencing in this life? It should be something that you have an emotional attachment to, as that emotion binds your current state with that moment from the past. Let’s say you want to know why your shoulder has had a strange pain for most of your life. Your question could be, “What is the origin of the pain in my shoulder?” Perhaps you want to know why you have such a strong bond with your life partner. You could ask, “What is the origin of my relationship with this person?”

Be aware that you will not have any conscious or rational recollection of this distant point in time. Rather you will have an emotional connection to it. Let that emotion be your compass and lock on to that feeling throughout your journey to come. Soon, what you seek will come to light.

Taking the Journey Across Lifetimes

A simple process for discovering who you were in a past life is below. Read through it a few times, to allow yourself to memorize the process. Or, you can record this in your own voice and play it back like a guided meditation. If you choose to record it, read it slowly and pause for a moment between each line; allow yourself time to experience each section. When it comes to the big reveal, allow a long pause, say a minute or two, so that you have ample time to reflect upon the event transpiring.

Now, Let’s Begin

For this exploration, it is easy to imagine that you are taking a journey backwards, along the river of time. Just close your eyes, let yourself get comfortable and take a few deep breaths to relax. For this exploration, allow your imagination and your emotional connection guide what you see and experience.

With each breath you take, let your conscious mind drift away, and give your subconscious mind permission to take over. No need to think or analyze. Simply oversee and remember.

To begin your journey, imagine that you are standing upon a dock next to the river of time. Perched at the dock lay a boat set and ready to take you on a journey back in time, up the river.

When you are ready, simply step into the boat, sit down, and will it begin to move away from the dock. Your journey has begun.

In your boat, follow the river back through the events of your past. See various events from your childhood that you do remember. As the boat continues to flowing upstream, you will move past the moment of your birth – a time you may not remember.

Now, just up ahead, you will see a tunnel approaching.

As you enter through a tunnel, the boat begins moving at incredible speeds – this tunnel is your conduit between lifetimes. Now is the time to hold on to the emotional connection to what you seek. Feel that emotion and restate the question which has sparked this journey. Why are you here, now?

When you emerge from the tunnel, and into the light, you will see a scene playing out that is from a time previous to your birth in this lifetime.

As the boat comes to a stop, take a few moments to allow yourself to watch the event as it unfolds.

Notice the people in the scene, how they are dressed, what they look like, the colors – you will even notice different sounds and maybe even smells – just take a few moments to observe without judgement.

Do not interact with the scene, nor attempt to understand anything that transpires. Merely observe and remember.

When you are ready, you can set the boat back into motion downstream and back toward the tunnel. When you reemerge, you will see scenes from your childhood of this life progressing forward. As if in fast motion, you move forward in time, past the events you remember, until you reach the present moment. When you have returned to the dock from which you departed, exit the boat and return your awareness to the room you are in.

Finally, when you are ready, open your eyes and quickly write down what you have observed in your experiences on this day.

There you have it. This is very simple and gentle exploration of who you were in a past life. It is important to write down what you experienced as soon as you open your eyes. The longer your mind lingers in the present moment, the greater the chance of details slipping away.

Continuing the Exploration

Do not fret if nothing comes about your first few attempts. This may be a new process for you and building the temporal connection with your subconscious mind is a cumulative effort. Meaning the more you do this, the easier it gets. Feel free to follow this process several times, taking notes and comparing them from each experience. Not only is this a great way to relax, but you are building a connection from your present everyday self with the parts of you that are spread out in various time periods.

If you want to go deeper, a trained professional can help you to explore certain events to a more detailed extent. Sometimes, you may need to unravel unresolved issues which may be causing complications within this life time. It is not recommended to attempt these alone, as one’s own personal biases can further complicate the issues. Seek an independent, trained professional to help you resolve these difficulties. This journey is merely presented as a means of bringing about awareness of the past, not to resolve any lingering issues.

In the meantime, enjoy your exploration, take it lightly and make it fun. You may be surprised what you learn about yourself and the life you have been living.

Billionaire Offers $1 Million for Proof of Afterlife

Billionaire Offers $1 Million for Proof of Afterlife

This past January, wealthy entrepreneur Robert Bigelow announced a contest: provide the best evidence of “[T]he survival of consciousness after permanent bodily death” for almost $1 million in prize money. Over 1,000 entrants entered the contest, seeking to prove life after physical death.

Dr. Jeffrey Long has studied near-death experience (NDE) for 20 years and was a runner-up in the contest. In his essay, Dr. Long broke down 12 lines of evidence for life after physical death common among near-death experiencers around the world. Of the three most important, the first is cardiac arrest and brain death.

“Immediately, when your heart stops beating, of course, blood instantly stops flowing to the brain,” Dr. Long said, “10-15 seconds after blood stops flowing to the brain, maybe up to 20 seconds, the electroencephalogram (EEG), which is a measure of brain electrical activity goes absolutely flat — there’s no measurable electrical activity going on in the brain — it should be, in those circumstances, impossible to have any kind of a lucid memory at that time. Yet, by the hundreds, we have people reporting NDEs exactly at that time, highly lucid and organized experiences consistent with NDEs occurring at all other times, and that should be medically, absolutely impossible.”

Next, comes the sensation of floating above the body.

“The initial event is what we call an out-of-body experience. Consciousness rises above the physical body and from that vantage point they can see ongoing earthly events, or hear them, and they are often visualizing people frantically trying to bring them back to life. What they see in that out-of-body experience is overwhelmingly accurate, down to the finest details. Even if their consciousness leaves the area of their body and goes someplace far from their physical body, far from any possible physical sensory awareness, what they can see and hear is almost invariably — and I’m talking about my study, I’m talking about 98 percent — accurate down to the finest details.”

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