Does RH Negative Blood Increase Odds Of Alien Abduction?

Does RH Negative Blood Increase Odds Of Alien Abduction?

Throughout mankind’s history, the accounts of visitations from a higher power, extraterrestrial beings, or mysterious forces have been immortalized and passed down through generations in song and story. Controversial details get set aside or passed over as impossible or inconsistent with the current research or evidence. However, the stories persist, and the details re-emerge in tales of greater powers, lost and unknown history and tribes of people, or secrets taken to the grave with underground groups, meetings and rituals buried in the past.

It doesn’t take long to find these kinds of tales reflected in the volumes of world religious texts, myths, and folklore:

  • Other beings, “angels” coming down to earth off the mountain or out of a cave to guide mankind and give them “gifts” and the secrets to eternal life
  • Gods descending from another dimension or world to lie with women, producing superhuman offspring
  • Mystical encounters in secluded or high places with wise entities who impart great knowledge
  • Men and women abducted, literally or inter-dimensionally, transported under a spell or beam of great light, held captive and subjected to manipulation by other beings or forces, transformed into someone or something else or left with inexplicable scars, memories or feelings.


The Greek myths alone are overflowing with such tales of a God slipping under the dark of night or the veil of a wooded forest to bed a beautiful earthly woman, luring her with a fog of unearthly pheromones in a dream or by psychic powers, leaving as mysteriously as he arrived. The child born is a demigod, a newer version of man, and equipped to carry the people into a battle or into a new age of man. A simple woman giving birth to the son of a God, creating a hero that tries to save or sometimes destroy mankind.

Other “God” visitations alter the course of mankind or the destiny of a hero that plays out over the evolution of an epoch or people.

It’s not just the Greeks – this kind of superhuman or spiritual intervention can be found in the legends and historical narratives of the Norse, Sumerians, Mayans, Egyptians, Asians, Native Americans, and ancient Pagans across the globe.

Could these stories be true? Were they really Gods, or something else?


Today, modern scientists, researchers and theorists are exploring and challenging long-held beliefs and scientific hypotheses on the origin of man and our ancestry. Included in this challenge is the question of who were these outsiders of legend that visited earth so long ago, and why do we find them in so many stories and artifacts that are unique in depicting their powers and their intermingling with humans? The stories left behind, and their relevance and influence, have been uncovered through the diligent protection of sacred texts and modern archeology. Many of the sources are well known, a part of common knowledge, while others continue to be brought to our attention via modern media.

Today’s researchers are sharing and illuminating the information in new ways. Examples include:

  • Cave paintings depicting early human life and showing what looks like common characteristics of an alien being and flying saucer, descending from the sky and interacting with the tribes’ people
  • Ancient architecture with hieroglyphs and art depicting “Gods” or other beings with power and advanced technology
  • Artifacts bearing physical characteristics that match mythical descriptions of beings from another world used in fertility and abundance rituals
  • Ancient scrolls from Asia and India, passages in myths and in the Koran or Bible that mention other beings or people at the time of man being of a different origin, “taking wives” or creating great men or kings, such as Genesis 6:4 “Here were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.”
  • Crop circles
  • Documented cases and witness accounts from the 15th and 16th centuries in Germany and France; the Nuremberg sightings; the Roswell crash; abductees Betty and Barney Hill; Whitley Strieber; the unidentified object crash in the mountains of Shaitan Mazar, Russia; and countless others who witnessed UFOs or were abducted
  • Government cover-ups, ex-military confessions of UFOs and secret military and government medical research on unidentified beings (“non-humans”)


The list goes on and continues to grow with time.

Contemporary truth seekers speculate that the Gods in our ancient stories are actually ancient astronauts, a species from another world. These astronauts found Earth (or created it) and through the interbreeding with apes or humans, or by genetic modification in a spaceship lab, spliced extraterrestrial genes with primate or human genes, creating a hybrid – modern man. This would mean that our ancestry is of Alien origin, a mixed breed with bloodlines that extend beyond our planet.

Some believe this interaction and experimentation continues and was the source of the evolution of man through different versions – one improving upon the other. Others believe they now live among us freely, and because of the early development of man/alien hybrid, they can naturally interbreed with humans, slowly homogenizing the bloodline and assimilating with ease.

If that’s true, then couldn’t we trace this added bloodline to the gene pool?


In the continued search for the origin of mankind and our first ancestors, incomplete data leave gaps in the path tracing our genetic lineage back through history. According to the evolutionists, our ancestry can be traced back through mutations in our DNA caused by our environmental surroundings and adaptation to changes for survival – a gradual improvement over millions of years from ape to Homo sapiens. According to creationists, some powerful, all-knowing, outside being or force invented us instantaneously and directed our lives – we are as we were at inception, from the first human being up till now. But what if the answer is a combination of both?

Meet the Rhesus monkey. Though science today has proven that the human genome shares approximately 97% of the same DNA sequence with primates, the Rhesus monkey is unique in its timing and fame in the modern medical world.

  • In 1901, Austrian born Dr. Karl Landsteiner used a mix of Rhesus monkey and rabbit blood to determine agglutination, a clumping response in certain combinations of blood that led to the discovery of blood types A, B, O & AB and explained previous violent reactions and sometimes death from blood transfusions. This led to blood typing and higher success rates in transfusions.
  • 29 years later, in 1930, furthering research on blood, Landsteiner repeated the procedure using human blood and rabbit blood. There he found a common factor between the Rhesus monkey blood and human blood in its clumping response, dubbing the factor as Rh positive – having the same factor as the Rhesus monkey.
  • Approximately 85% of the human population is Rh positive, where blood cells contain the D antigen as it was called, a substance on surface of the red blood cell that triggers antibodies. Those without the Rh factor or D antigen, called Rh negative, comprise only 15% of the population.


These discoveries were just the tip of the iceberg in blood type and health research; however, it revealed an anomaly – a mysterious effect of Rh negative that naturally occurs only in humans. When the mother is Rh negative and the father is Rh positive, the resulting baby will most likely be Rh positive – the consistently most dominant factor. The Rh positive baby could then trigger the antibodies of its Rh negative mother, and her body would attack the “foreign” blood cells of the baby. Rh negative does not “receive” Rh positive. The “positive” is an additional trait to the blood shared by other species on Earth. Rh negative means that this trait is not present, and in the case of Rh negative pregnant mothers, the Rh positive trait is not accepted by her blood or body, and like an impurity it is fought off by the immune system.

In addition, because Rh-Positive shares the trait similarity with other species, specifically apes, the Rh-Positive bloodline can be mapped through time and evolution. Rh negative cannot. It has no similarities or earthly trace. So where did Rh negative come from?

Since the discovery of blood types over a hundred years ago, little else has been identified by science as to how our blood types originated and why they exist at all. However, in putting together the history of evidence and modern science, theorists believe the Rh-Negative blood type points to alien ancestors and the merging of two distinct DNAs.


Believers hypothesize that aliens continue to experiment and improve upon their design by abducting humans. Others say they need our organs and blood for transfusions, transplants or cloning an interstellar colonization.

The singularity of Rh-Negative, the elements in the details of recorded history and legend, the compiling accounts, and a revealing component – the highest number of alien abductees are Rh-Negative – produces compelling evidence linking the alien abductions to not only their very real existence but also their extensive and ongoing contact with Earth.

The reason for abductions remains a mystery, and the possibilities for why they visit Earth or whom they choose to abduct appear to go beyond some simple family reunion or friendly deep-space neighborly contact. However, as we ourselves continue our own genetic research and push the limits on cloning and DNA splicing, and uncover more evidence connecting the microscopic building blocks to all life and the universe, the potential of biological similarities with beings from another world doesn’t seem so impossible.


If extraterrestrials continue to visit, and share a blood trait with Rh-Negatives, preferring to abduct them over others, are RH-Negatives safe? There currently is no definitive way that has been presented or shared with the public to prevent alien abductions. Suggestions from believers and abductees seem to point narrowly to wearing protective gear that blocks mind control and good old-fashioned mental and physical resistance.

However, there are a consistent number of common traits that show up for Rh-Negatives:

  • Extra vertebra
  • Higher-than-average IQ
  • More sensitive vision and other senses
  • Lower body temperature
  • Higher blood pressure
  • Increased occurrence of psychic/intuitive abilities
  • Predominantly blue, green, or hazel eyes
  • Red or reddish hair
  • Increased sensitivity to heat and sunlight
  • Cannot be cloned (on Earth)
  • Higher rates of alien abduction and other unexplained phenomenon

Armed with a better understanding of your blood type and possibly the revelation of shared characteristics and personal experiences, you can be better prepared to face an alien abduction or find more answers in the collective of abductees.

In either case, the imperative seems to be don’t wait to find out and search deeply for answers.

Maybe there will never be a solid conclusion or answer to why we have different blood types or where they originated, or why extraterrestrials continue to visit Earth. What we do know is that the stories that have pervaded our existence, from the beginning of our perceived time to the present have left room in our rational minds for the possibility of “others” and their significance in our own development. Quite possibly our own mysterious biological natures are linked to theirs and may be tied closer to some human beings and ancestry than others.

Perhaps the number of reported alien abductions being those with Rh negative blood is random, or perhaps it is the indicator to an unbreakable relationship between man and the “Gods.” We may never know absolutely. In the meantime, Rh negatives, especially the universal donor, O-negative, can consider that their blood is rare and valuable and could have the potential to save anyone on Earth and conceivably others throughout the universe.

Harvard Professor Starts Independent Investigation to Find Aliens

Harvard Professor Starts Independent Investigation to Find Aliens

The search for signs of extraterrestrial life is getting a boost from scientists. Could this grassroots transparent effort answer the biggest question in the universe: are we alone?

The quest to find evidence of higher lifeforms is getting a boost from higher education. Harvard Professor of Science Avi Loeb, has just launched the Galileo Project, the goal of which is to bring the search for “Extraterrestrial Technological Civilizations (ETCs) from accidental or anecdotal observations and legends to the mainstream of transparent, validated, and systematic scientific research.”

Professor Loeb, who published his book “extraterrestrial: The First Sign of Intelligent Life Beyond Earth,” which claims Oumuamua, the first known interstellar object to pass through our solar system, could be an extraterrestrial artifact.

His research, coupled with the US government’s recent report on unidentified aerial phenomena, spurred him to action.

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