Tom Delonge’s TTSA Now Working With Army to Study UFO Materials

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Musician Tom DeLonge’s team of UFO investigators and power brokers who comprise To the Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences (TTSA) is working in conjunction with the United States Army and supplying the top brass with UFO materials. At long last, and somewhat openly, Army officials intend to verify solid physical evidence of the existence of UFOs, beginning with a piece of metal alleged to have come from an alien spacecraft.

In October 2019, (TTSA) announced a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command “to advance TTSA’s material and technology innovations in order to develop enhanced capabilities for Army ground vehicles.” TTSA will share its discoveries with Ground Vehicle System Center (GVSC) and Ground Vehicle Survivability and Protection (GVSP). In turn, the Army is committed to providing laboratories, expertise, support, and resources to help characterize the technologies and its applications. 

In July of 2019 DeLonge’s UFO organization, according to its September SEC filings, paid $35,000 for exotic metamaterials from longtime UFO researcher Linda Moulton Howe. The purchase is part of TTSA’s ongoing Acquisition and Data Analysis of Materials program. The expressed purpose, according to TTSA, is to “conduct rigorous scientific evaluations to determine its function and possible applications.”

Watch Linda Moulton Howe discuss the crash site where these metamaterials were found in this episode of Truth Hunter…

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The Unheard Truth Behind Roswell's UFOs

Journalist Joseph Trevithick reported that this isn’t the first instance of DeLonge’s organization’s procurement of unknown UFO material samples as part of this same effort, which officially began last year. “The new items in question, purportedly from ‘an advanced aerospace vehicle of unknown origin,’ have been floating around the UFO community for years after the late Art Bell, who had been the host of the paranormal radio program Coast to Coast AM, first claimed he had acquired them from an anonymous source. It remains unclear how these samples fell into Bell’s hands. 

The newest round of samples that Howe sold to TTSA was described in TTSA’s 2019 SEC filing as “Bismuth/Magnesium-Zinc metal” and “Aluminum.” 

Current CCO of TTSA, Steve Justice, reported, “The structure and composition of these materials are not from any known existing military or commercial application,” Justice, who was the former head of Advanced Systems at Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works, said the materials have been “collected from sources with varying levels of chain-of-custody documentation, so we are focusing on verifiable facts and working to develop independent scientific proof of the materials’ properties and attributes. In some cases, the manufacturing technologies required to fabricate the material is only now becoming available, but the material has been in documented possession since the mid-1990s. We currently have multiple material samples being analyzed by contracted laboratories and have plans to extend the scope of this study.” 

In October 2019, TTSA entered into a partnership with the US Army to research the metal, as well as to study some mysterious and mind-bending science that includes active camouflage, inertial mass reduction, and quantum communication. All of this comes on the heels of both the Air Force and Navy publicly admitting , for the first time, that fighter pilots had encountered UFOs and captured them on radar. 

Many people are puzzled at how DeLonge, as a musician, ended up rubbing elbows and briefing Congress about UFO activity. After all, the U.S. government has been in staunch denial of the existence of UFOs for at least seven decades.

Journalist Tyler Rogoway wrote,Tom definitely has one of the most fantastic tales you will ever hear as to how this all came to be. He has told the story numerous times with varying degrees of cohesion, hyperbole, and eyebrow-raising claims mixed in. But we have to stress, the nuts and bolts of his account have remained remarkably consistent over the years and we can now say…that the narrative seed that anchors Tom’s entire yarn is indeed factual.”

Simply, DeLonge has been able to parlay his celebrity and contacts to meet with top officials at NASA, the Air Force, the U.S. intelligence apparatus, the Army, and the highest rungs of U.S. politics. Rogoway reported that these people cooperatively provided DeLonge “with a highly qualified team of deeply entrenched government insiders” who will hopefully, albeit slowly, release their findings to the public.

Founding To The Stars Academy 

Among others, DeLonge’s team includes retired CIA Directorate of Operations Jim Semivan; intelligence officer and national counterintelligence executive Luis Elizondo; and physicist Hal Putoff, who once headed up the CIA’s remote viewing program, at Stanford’s SRI International.

TTSA is heavily engaged in socializing the UFO conversation through entertainment media as it leverages the power of its team’s relationships. Thanks to TTSA’s efforts, talk of UFOs found their way out of dark shadows and conspiracy stories into mainstream media by credible journalists — with classified briefings also occurring for the first time at the highest level of government, including with the President.

To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science’s personnel most recently became key players in a six-part docuseries called “Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation.” The show was based on the December 2017 New York Times’ shocking, but long overdue, front-page exposé uncovering the Pentagon’s mysterious Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) centered around UFOs. Former military intelligence official Luis Elizondo, who ran the program, at long last informed the American public that UFOs are real and that our military fighter pilots have not only engaged with them in the skies but also recorded their movements on radar. The story was the focus of worldwide attention.

By TTSA’s estimation, more than a million viewers “tuned in to each episode in the series that follows Luis Elizondo (Director of Global Security & Special Programs) speaking out for the first time with DeLonge (Co-founder and President) and Chris Mellon (Advisor and former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence) to expose a series of startling encounters, fascinating new investigations and bringing this information to powerful National Security policymakers in Congress.”

DeLonge said, “We pressured everyone in Congress and we set up the briefings in the Senate. It comes from the top-down now and they don’t have a choice.” 

Is This the End of Denial and Secrecy?

Military UFO operations are now coming to the surface not only to vindicate a host of highly visible personalities in the UFO world but also the millions of people who have witnessed UFOs.

Published in September 2019, US Gallup polls have revealed that two-thirds of Americans believe that the U.S. Government knows more than it’s saying on UFOs, and one-third thinks some UFOs are actual sightings of alien spacecraft. Gallup reported that “even as most Americans are skeptical that aliens have visited Earth, the majority (56%) believe that those who spot UFOs are seeing something real, not just imagining it. This is up from 47% in 1996, possibly reflecting public awareness of military testing and the proliferation of drones which people may think can be mistaken for UFOs.” 

Politics Makes Strange Bedfellows

In a strange twist of fate, we are now seeing the UFO world emerge as the skeptics in this strange story. When it comes to UFO disclosure, government involvement arouses skepticism, owing to official disinformation campaigns, coverups, and outright denial. There is also a lingering fear that information and technology gleaned from UFO research are related to physical and space-time manipulation that may someday be used for war and the destruction of life on this and other planets. Only time will tell.

On the other hand, with the unprecedented relationship that DeLonge and his team have forged, ufologists and the public at large will (hopefully) henceforth begin to get the truth from the government. It may come in drips, but the first steps in this direction are evidenced in the most recent releases of both the US Navy and Air Force tracking UFOs on the radar. Adding even more credibility have been the appearances of top military expert Luis Elizondo on national media to confirm that UFOs (now called Unidentified Aerial Phenomena — UAPs) actually do exist. The Army’s most recent effort to participate in a joint effort with TTSA has led DeLonge to announce, “This is just the beginning, so people need to prepare.”

Pathway to Disclosure

Former CIA Director Discloses New Info on UFO Encounter

A former CIA Director reveals he believes extraterrestrials could exist and shares his unbelievable story. Ambassador James Woolsey, the former CIA Director under President Bill Clinton, appeared on “Inside the Black Vault” with John Greenewald to promote his new book Operation Dragon about the JFK assassination.

But when the conversation turned to UFOs and secrecy, he had this to say, “There have been over the years now, events of one kind or another usually involving some kind of aircraft… there was one case in which a friend of mine was able to have his aircraft stop at 40,000 ft. or so and not continue operating as a normal aircraft. What was going on? I don’t know, does anybody know? We’ll have to look into it.”

When asked to clarify, Ambassador Woolsey continued, “I’ve talked to someone, whom I respect, who says that there was some event at which an aircraft was paused and basically that’s all I know about that.”

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