UFOs and Bigfoot; Evidence of an Inter-Dimensional Connection

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John Keel, the prominent ufologist and paranormal researcher, famous for the Mothman Prophecies, once proposed the idea that there are “window areas” throughout the world, connecting our reality with parallel dimensions. These areas, Keel imagined, may help elucidate some unexplained reports of entities that are too fleeting or confusing to later detail or prove. With the increasing plausibility of the multiverse theory and infinite neighboring universes, maybe we should be asking ourselves; are UFOs and Bigfoot interdimensional travelers, and could there be a connection between the two?

Interdimensional Bigfoot Theories

For hundreds of years, people worldwide have reported encounters with monsters, fairies, demons, and cryptids. To this day those experiences persist, while many of these same entities have also been encountered through the use of psychedelics.

Now, it would be easy to say these are simply archetypal figures; beings our collective consciousness conjures in our minds with anthropomorphic features based on fears or subliminal functions of our psyche. Or we could entertain the ostensibly bizarre possibility that these are entities from another dimension operating on higher realms of existence.

Keel referred to these entities as ultra-terrestrials; beings capable of crossing dimensions at will, often acting as “cosmic pranksters.” Daniel Pinchbeck says he experienced prankster entities from a psychedelic realm cross into the real world after encountering them during and in the subsequent weeks following a psychedelic trip.

When it comes to Bigfoot, Sasquatch, the Yeti, or whatever you want to call them, there is often a playfulness and/or spookiness described in their actions. Tree knocking or eerie screams alert us to their presence until we get close enough where they might offer a glimpse, before vanishing seemingly into thin air.

Their appearance could be considered another form of prank, embodying a primitive, ape-like creature that exudes a noxious odor. Yet, they’re able to evade contact with us despite thousands of reported sightings over hundreds of years. Is Sasquatch cosmically trolling us?

An intriguing account tying UFO’s and Bigfoot together comes from an 1888 meeting between cattle ranchers and a group of Native Americans in Northern California. The natives described three “crazy bears” that descended from the sky in a small moon, leaving them in the woods before taking off.

In another instance, in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1973, a woman named Reafa Heitfield and her daughter were awakened in the middle of the night to a beam of light extending down from a bulbous umbrella shape in the sky. Tracking the light to where it landed in the nearby woods, the two noticed a grayish, simian creature wandering toward the beam. Before they knew it, both the ape and the craft disappeared.

Though these stories may be apocryphal in nature, it’s reported that at least 20 percent of Bigfoot sightings coincide with UFO events.

Jack Cary, a cryptozoologist who has studied Bigfoot for decades, says he believes it’s alternatively plausible that Bigfoot is being abducted by UFOs in much the same way humans are, to study its DNA and physical attributes.

Cary also ascribes to the idea that something called the Mach Effect could explain the possibility of interdimensional travel. The Mach Effect, which is actually a sound principle in physics being tested by NASA, employs the use of fluctuations created by a body of mass as it accelerates, that are in turn used to generate thrust.

Cary says he believes the Earth’s fluctuations can create momentary tears in the electromagnetic membrane, separating our universe with a parallel one, allowing extra-dimensional entities access into this dimension.

The illustrious Jacques Vallee is also of the mindset that there may be something extra-dimensional going on, sharing a similar sentiment to Keel when speaking about the UFO phenomenon. Vallee believes there is something more than the traditional explanation of an extraterrestrial race visiting Earth, instead believing in a possible window to another dimension.

“We are dealing with a yet unrecognized level of consciousness, independent of man but closely linked to the Earth…. I do not believe anymore that UFOs are simply the spacecraft of some race of extraterrestrial visitors. This notion is too simplistic to explain their appearance, the frequency of their manifestations through recorded history, and the structure of the information exchanged with them during contact.” – Jacques Vallee

The CIA’s UFO Bigfoot Evidence

In the 1960s, the CIA investigated an alleged simultaneous encounter with Bigfoot and a UFO at Presque Isle State Park in the all too appropriately named city — Erie, Pennsylvania. The ensuing reports were documented as part of the infamous Project Bluebook, during which the government investigated thousands of cases involving UFOs.

Presque Isle is a peninsula arching out over Lake Erie to form Presque Isle Bay, one of the state’s most visited summer tourist destinations. On the night of July 31, 1966, four tourists from New York found their car stuck in the sand after spending the day relaxing on Beach Six of the peninsula.

One member of the group, Gerald LaBelle, was sent to call a tow truck, while the others remained in the car. Around 10 pm, police on patrol stopped to ask if they were alright. After being informed that help was on the way, the officers said they would check back within the hour.

When the police returned about 35 minutes later, the group said it witnessed “something weird going on up there,” pointing to a location in the sky above a wooded area. One of the group’s members, Douglas Tibbets, went to investigate along with the two officers.

The two women in the group, Betty Klem and Anita Haifley, remained in the car while they waited for everyone’s return. Tibbets and the officers walked roughly 300 yards up the beach before hearing the honking of their car’s horn, hurrying back to see what happened.

Klem and Haifley clearly shaken, said they witnessed a “dull black shape, bigger than a man, big head and shoulders, arm-like appendages, no hands, no face visible, as though it had its back turned” in front of their car before it “lumbered into the bushes,” when Klem blew the horn. A scratching sound on the hood or roof of the car was also reported.

In the end, this creature was dismissed by investigators as a raccoon, despite the ladies’ very distinct description of a bipedal, humanoid figure. But what about the UFO?

mysterious object


The UFO was described as an angular craft emitting red and orange lights, before descending down to the beach where it radiated a beam of white light that tracked something into the woods. But eventually, it took off at an incredible speed to the North, shortly after the women encountered the humanoid figure.

In the early hours of the following morning, officers patrolled the area where the craft allegedly landed. The report says they noticed the presence of two unusual triangular marks in the area coinciding with the craft’s landing zone. The officer writing the report said, “I have no reasonable explanation of the UFO,” and described the witnesses as creditable.

Investigation of the case was eventually abandoned, remaining unsolved to this day. The Project Bluebook report dismisses the groups’ testimony as possibly a hoax, though no definitive conclusion was made.

A local television station aired a segment some decades later, interviewing a man who said the UFO was a hot air balloon he ordered and built from an issue of Boy’s Life magazine. But this man’s claim implies that the homemade hot air balloon would have traveled in a straight line, precisely due North for several miles, carried by the wind without straying off course.

Despite the fact the witness’ accounts describe something far more complex than a paper balloon, the man’s testimony doesn’t explain the strange marks on the beach where the craft supposedly landed, baffling CIA investigators.

Could the Presque Isle incident be the result of a “window area,” where archetypal beings from another dimension entered our universe? To this day the witnesses maintain their accounts of what happened and many others have come forward saying they too, saw a UFO above the peninsula that evening.

As theoretical physics continues to change our perception of reality, with the prospect of a multiverse and quantum entanglement, it seems Einstein’s spooky action at a distance might be a little spookier than we imagined.

Valley of Portals

Countless Bigfoot Sightings in Colorado Tracked at Sasquatch Outpost

Sasquatch Outpost Bailey Colorado

If you perform a Google search for the term “Bigfoot” or “Sasquatch,” on any given day it’s likely you’ll find at least a few articles published within the past week. Sasquatch has become so ingrained in our culture, arguably more than any other cryptid, to the point that if it somehow isn’t real, we’ve practically willed it into existence.

Beyond its cultural acceptance, there’s actually overwhelming evidence of the reality of such a creature that spans centuries of sightings and lore throughout myriad cultures. Jim Meyers, a professional Sasquatch seeker and owner of the Sasquatch Outpost in Bailey, CO, cites the fact that nearly every Native American tribe has its own epithet for Sasquatch. 

The Navajo call it “Ye’ Iitsoh,” meaning “Big God”; the Cherokee call it “Ketleh-Kudleh,” meaning “Hairy Savage”; and the Lakota-Sioux call it “Chiye-Tanka” meaning “Big Elder Brotha.”

Often, Native Americans refer to Sasquatch as another tribe or another people, rather than a species of ape or animal, Meyers says. And this near-universal acceptance of such a creature by indigenous peoples who have inhabited remote areas of the US, centuries before its modern development, is one of the most compelling pieces of evidence for the existence of Sasquatch in his opinion.

Though Sasquatch has assimilated into our modern mythological zeitgeist, it can be found in a number of cultural traditions across the world—on nearly every continent, in fact.

Known as the Yeti, Yeren, Yowie, or the pejorative Abominable Snowman, tales of a large, hairy bipedal creature can be found in Australia, Asia, Europe, and both Americas. Interestingly though, Meyers says he’s not familiar with any instances of Sasquatch sightings in Africa, which is also where he lived much of his life.

Meyers grew up in Africa, as his parents were missionaries—a career path he would follow in his adulthood. Having moved to Kenya at age 11, he went to boarding school before attending college in the US. Feeling a desire to continue his parents’ work, Myers would spend another 20 years working as a missionary in Senegal, followed by a decade spent in France. Eventually, he returned to the states and settled in Bailey.

While he was always fascinated with Bigfoot, ever since he saw “The Legend of Boggy Creek” as a kid, Meyers said it wasn’t until a local businesswoman in Bailey recounted a very credible sighting she experienced in the area. Shortly thereafter, Animal Planet recorded an episode of Finding Bigfoot in Bailey, adding to Meyers’ interest, and the rest was history…

Searching for a new avenue of business to pursue, and hearing multitudes of stories and eyewitness sightings in the area, Meyers decided to open a Sasquatch museum in his small Colorado township in 2014. It’s now become a tourist hotspot with over 36,000 visits.

At the Sasquatch Outpost, Meyers has curated his ongoing research into the Sasquatch Encounter Museum where one finds recordings of the creature’s vocalizations, examples of the ways in which it bends, and snaps tree branches, and plaster casts of its footprints.

One of those casts happens to be from the most famous and credible Bigfoot sighting of all time: the Patterson-Gimlin film from 1967. While some skeptics claim the clip has been debunked and a deathbed confession of a hoax was made, Meyers is quick to correct that as a fallacy, pointing out that he’s talked with Patterson’s wife who said he maintained the veracity of the film up until his death.

And if that weren’t enough, Meyers has also kept a map of various levels of Sasquatch sightings and interactions people have reported experiencing throughout Colorado at the Outpost. On the map are various colored pins based on the type of encounter experienced: red denotes a visual sighting; yellow indicates tree breaks and bends; green indicates a vocalization or tree knocking; blue identifies a rock or item thrown at someone.

If you’ve had a Bigfoot encounter in Colorado, you may be able to contribute to this growing map of over 300 encounters. In the meantime, check out Meyers in the latest episode of Beyond Belief.

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