Why My Favorite Yoga Studio is at Home: The Benefit of Online Yoga


When I was seventeen, there was nothing better than getting out of my parents’ house and driving to a studio for a yoga class. From the drive over to interacting with the people in class, I felt energized each time we hit that final savasana. The whole experience from start to finish was exactly what my body needed.

Fast forward ten years and suddenly those drives to the studio and the chats before and after class with people just don’t feel the same. And, while I tried to force the matter for several years, pulling myself out of my home and away from my family to try to recreate those old yoga class feelings, there was no mistaking that it was not what my body – or my mind – needed.

As a yoga teacher, I understand the beauty of yoga studios. I understand the appeal of creating a community of amazing people around you. And I totally understand the argument that nothing can compare to the instruction of a highly trained instructor who can see what you’re doing in class and offer guidance.

But, at the same time, I also understand the beauty (and chaos) of real life. As a mom of three children all under the age of six, I get that every minute really does count. And, when life throws you curveballs during your day (sometimes in the form of literal curveballs breaking kitchen windows), the idea of sticking to a precise schedule and getting out the door on time to get to a 4:30 studio class becomes stressful (or even comical on a good day).

And that’s why I’ve come to love my home yoga practice and the online teachers I practice with even more.

There when I need them and un-offended if I pause in the middle to wipe up a spilled glass of juice, the flexibility online that yoga affords me and my crazy schedule helps me to rekindle those feelings of freedom and joyful movements I first found inside a studio as a teenager. It’s all right there for me even if I only have ten minutes.

Some days, I need a ten minute meditation in the middle of my day to help me refocus my energy. Other days, I need a 75-minute vinyasa class first thing to wake up my body (especially if the kids have decided to sleep in). There are nights when I can find 20 minutes to practice and others where I have more than an hour. But, almost never, can I predict when these moments will happen. What worked on Tuesday last week might be impossible next week.

And, as much as I can try to find it, that’s just the way life is right now.

I’ve learned to make peace with the unpredictability of my day-to-day. And, instead of feeling guilty about missing a class I signed up for at a neighborhood studio, I feel great about finding a time and practice that works for me every single day. Instead of trying to fit in five studio classes a week, I’ve committed to finding time on my mat every single day – even if it’s just ten minutes. And, now that I’ve let go of the pressure of “performing,” I’m rediscovering my love of yoga all over again.

Top Signs Online Yoga is Right for You

For me, online yoga has helped me embrace all those messy parts of my life. It shows up for me when I need it to and doesn’t judge if I only have twenty minutes instead of a full hour. So, right now, I’ve turned my own home into my new favorite yoga studio, complete with dogs, toys for my babies, and warm chai waiting on the stovetop when I’ve finished class.

Not sure online yoga is right for you? Here are a few signs that it’s exactly what you need right now:

You want to commit to your yoga practice, but your schedule is unpredictable.

Rather than feeling like you failed when you can’t make it to a class at a studio, online yoga can make sure there’s an opportunity to always show up – even if the dog gets sick, a meeting runs late, or you wake up thirty minutes later than you expected.


You need a convenient way to practice in order to make the most of the time you have.

For a lot of us, we’ve never felt busier than we do right now. Driving thirty (or even ten) minutes to a studio for a 90-minute class can feel like a luxury – even impossible. Online yoga lets you skip the commute (and finding those cute leggings you need) and helps you get started right when you’re ready. No waiting. No schedules. No need to even get out of those pajamas.


You want to carve out more “me-time” in those moments in between regularly scheduled life.

“Me-time” doesn’t have to be made out of grand gestures or days at the spa. Sometimes the most effective “me-time”happens in five minutes right when you need it. Online yoga gives you the opportunity to make the most out of those in-between-life moments so that you can get what you need without having to reorganize the rest of your day.


You’re curious about different types of yoga or enjoy practicing different styles on different days and at different times.

Even the best yoga studios can’t offer the array of classes that great online yoga services offer. From shorter classes to workshop-style classes and classes that range from meditation to yin, vinyasa to kundalini, online yoga allows you to find exactly what you need and how you need it. It even offers you suggestions you might have never felt comfortable trying at a studio, but that you’ll explore on your own at home. Who knows, maybe you still haven’t found that style of yoga that’s just right for you!


Three Online Classes to Get Started

Ready to give online yoga a try?

Here are three online yoga classes that can get you started – and help you fall in love with your own at-home yoga studio.

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