Build energy in mind and body with practices designed to recharge your prana (life force) and clear out tensions that may be dragging you down. Take on your day with positivity, gratitude, and caffeine-free energy with Gaia’s collection of yoga videos for energy! With a wide range of yoga classes for energy and focus, there is a style for everyone and anyone. From heart-pumping vinyasa flow yoga to inspiring hatha sequences to energizing kundalini practices, Gaia’s online collection of yoga for energy videos can bring just the boost you need to your day. No matter what amount of time you have for your practice, Gaia has an online yoga practice for energy that can fit into your schedule. Choose from a wide array of shorter 5- and 10- minute sequences to practice yoga for a quick energy burst, or indulge a bit longer with 20-, 30-, 45-, or 60-minute classes to build sustainable energy and stamina to wake you up any time of day! If you are feeling depleted physically or in need of a soothing energetic lift, yin yoga and yoga nidra to restore energy can provide you a gentle physical and mental boost. Certain types of yoga poses can be particularly energizing including inversions, backbends, and twists. Some beginner yoga poses for positive energy include downward facing dog, standing forward fold, cobra pose, and sphinx pose. Intermediate and advanced yogis might enjoy the energizing effects of poses such as camel pose, king pigeon pose, king dancer’s pose, handstand, headstand, and upward facing bow pose. Whether you are looking for a yoga class for morning energy or need some energizing yoga poses to help recharge at any point of your day, find an online yoga practice with Gaia to infuse your life with uplifted energy.

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