Building a yoga practice is a wonderful way to gain flexibility. Find classes to stretch your muscles and increase range of motion - at any age or phase of life. While there's no instant solution for flexibility, many practitioners notice a difference after a few weeks of regular yoga practice. The more regular your practice, the better flexibility results are possible. The best news? You don't have to be flexible to do yoga - come as you are! Stretching through yoga practice can help relieve tension stored in the body and in the mind. Greater mobility and flexibility in the body means less energy is spent managing discomfort and more energy can be spent in activities and thoughts you enjoy. Athletes, runners, cyclists, and climbers can benefit from yoga for flexibility to increase performance and aid recovery time. Office workers can benefit from flexibility classes to unwind hours of sitting and looking at technology. Those with mobility limitations can explore yoga for flexibility classes to increase range of motion and shift physical blockages.

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