The Beauty Diet

David Wolfe
1 Season, 13 Episodes

In this series, world-famous health lecturer David Wolfe discusses how to make delicious recipes using fruits, vegetables, superfoods and superherbs, specifically designed to help you achieve radiantly beautiful, glowing skin, sparkling eyes, lustrous hair, and strong bones and nails.

The Beauty Diet Recipes Include:

- Skin-Glow Sulfur Salad

- Antioxidant Soup

- Watermelon Berry Kefir

- Citrus Kola

- Acai Berry Colada

- The Eliminator

- Super Skin Radiance Elixir

- Beta-Carotene Beauty Blast

- Chocolate Beauty

- Skin Cleanse Juice

- Beautiful Blueberry Smoothie

- Papaya Almond Smoothie

- Bonus Facial Masque Recipes

Filmed entirely at David Wolfe's own kitchen in Hawaii, The Beauty Diet contains the best cleansing, nourishing, and beautifying recipes to help you build your body as a work of art. Try these recipes at home and have the best day ever!