Conscious Media Network
Season 1 . 22 Episodes

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S1:Ep1, Michio Kaku on String Field Theory and the Multiverse (Preview)
Episode 1
39 mins
Having a hard enough time dealing with third dimensional life? How about eleven dimensions? Dr. Michio Kaku, co-founder of string field theory, has made it his life’s mission to discover the equation that leads us through Parallel Worlds and the multiverse, to a meeting with God.
Episode 2
54 mins
Ron Davis describes being born autistic and dyslexic, growing up in a time when there was little compassion for those who were different, and finally overcoming his challenges.
Episode 3
34 mins
Christine Arena, author of Cause for Success, discuses how high purpose companies developed their win-win philosophies regarding profits, people and the environment, and how consumers can prompt industry to move in this direction.
Episode 4
26 mins
Peter Russell, co-author of The Consciousness Revolution, discusses the roll of human consciousness and values in creating our current environmental and societal crisis, and why it may well be the younger generation that provides the needed paradigm shift to solve the problem.
Episode 5
55 mins
Renewable energy expert Reinhold Ziegler discusses how tapping into the natural forces that surround us yields a cleaner, cheaper and freer future for us all.
Episode 6
31 mins
Ron Davis explains what it’s like inside the dyslexic and autistic mind and how a dyslexic can turn their trait off and on.
Episode 7
56 mins
Jerry E. Smith, author of Haarp: The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy, discusses the darker possibilities of an exotic technology. The story he tells is based on an incredible maze of science, the military, and secrecy. What exactly is Haarp? Let’s see what Jerry has to say.
Episode 8
53 mins
Bruce Lipton’s work indicates that attitude and environment, seldom our genes, dictate the quality of our health. The agendas that control our state of health reside in the subconscious mind and Dr. Lipton says that a little re-programming can work wonders.
Episode 9
39 mins
After lying dead for 28 minutes on a hospital stretcher, Dannion Brinkley had to navigate his way back to his stiffening body to tell the tale of the incredible events he was just shown on the other side.
Episode 10
37 mins
Rob Williams discusses how our subconscious beliefs affect our bodies, and why, as a psychotherapist, he developed Psych-K because he found traditional therapy lacking.
Episode 11
29 mins
According to noted author and lecturer Gregg Braden, there is a code embedded in our cells that links us all, and this code can be the key to bridging the difficulties that separate us as individuals and cultures.
Episode 12
53 mins
Scott Taylor, author of Souls in the Sea and founder of the Cetacean Studies Institute, discusses dolphins and what is now known about these enlightened citizens of the sea.
Episode 13
42 mins
After 8 years of rigorous academic research, Dr. Gary Schwartz says he believes life after life is real and love is the frequency that allows us to communicate between the two worlds.
Episode 14
33 mins
Hazel Courteney underwent a phenomenal process of awakening in which her ability to reach beyond the physical world went without notice. Join her as she explains her amazing experiences.
Episode 15
28 mins
Have you ever noticed that your ear or head feels different after talking on your cell phone? Dr. Nick Begich reveals the findings of studies the cell phone companies don’t want you to know about.
Episode 16
26 mins
Nick Begich discusses how the human body is affected by coherent radio frequency (RF) signals.
Episode 17
53 mins
In this interview Acharya S makes a solid case for the position that all religions stem from our connection with one eternal source.
Episode 18
27 mins
Robin and Michael Mastro, co-authors of Altars of Power and Grace, discuss Vastu, the predecessor of feng shui.
Episode 19
58 mins
Imagine lying in your bed and suddenly becoming paralyzed and transported 5,000 years into the future, where you’re experiencing life through the eyes and body of a stranger. This is what happened to anthropologist Hank Wesselman, author of Spiritwalker: Messages from the Future.
Episode 20
54 mins
Why are prominent doctors and medical researchers all over the world interested in the extraordinary healings reported by the patients of Eric Scott Pearl? Well, you might have to reconsider everything you’ve read up until now about conventional healing.
Episode 21
54 mins
Vernon Woolf discusses how he became involved with healing disease, overcoming mental illnesses, transforming drug abusers, eradicating crime, the meltdown of the Iron Curtain and terrorism. Not bad for a humble guy from Utah.
Episode 22
35 mins
Teri Mahaney discusses reprogramming our actions while we sleep.