Conscious Media Network
Season 8 . 22 Episodes

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S8:Ep2, James Martinez on Cold Fusion (Preview)
Episode 2
37 mins
James Martinez has been following the subject of Cold Fusion and its associated ‘free energy’ capabilities for a number of years and has recently been connecting with the creators of various devices.
Episode 3
59 mins
Editor Philip Coppens discusses Erich von Däniken’s book, Odyssey of the Gods, in which von Däniken speaks to the idea that the beings the Greeks called gods were actually extraterrestrials that arrived on Earth thousands of years ago.
Episode 4
58 mins
Dr. Gerald Cohen came to understand, at an early stage of his education, that the healing process is far more complicated than once understood. He has distilled his vast and comprehensive understanding of healing modalities into a system he calls the healing process.
Episode 5
58 mins
Dr. Harvey Bigelsen, author of The Medical Conspiracy in America, discusses how the medical establishment uses its power to keep new and alternative treatments away from their client base through coercion, legal witch-hunts and law making.
Episode 7
43 mins
Whether you’re in an intimate relationship or have chosen to go it alone, Christine Arylo encourages everyone to have a love affair with yourself, first.
Episode 8
48 mins
In this interview with Foster Gamble, he talks about his life as part of the Gamble dynasty, his early awakening and the path that lead him to create the Thrive movement for the evolution of humanity.
Episode 9
59 mins
A rising number of citizens in the United States are becoming concerned about the Smart Meter devices being installed on the side of their homes. Jerry Day has not only been informing people as to what these meters are doing, but how to legally remove them.
Episode 10
57 mins
Best-selling author and visionary scientist Gregg Braden suggests that the hottest topics that divide us as families, cultures and nations are related, that they all stem from a worldview based on the false assumptions of an incomplete science.
Episode 11
1 hr
Penney Peirce discusses feeling our personal vibration and intentionally working with energy to transform our life. She tells us that finding our home frequency — our highest, most natural personal vibration — can enable us to maximize clarity, minimize struggle and discover new talents and capacities.
Episode 13
49 mins
Jim Self, founder of Mastering Alchemy and an international speaker, goes to his soul’s home place, every night. There, he meets with beings and ascended masters who explain how life in the cosmos works and what this great shift means, in very real terms.
Episode 14
46 mins
Growing up with a family that had a passion for gardening, Adele Seronde has dedicated her life to assisting humanity to gain a connection with the earth, beginning at childhood.
Episode 15
43 mins
Doug Bentley is one of a handful of guides traveling the globe offering Deeksha, a blessing to awaken and divinely guide the Kundalini, to anyone that can attend a Oneness Meditation event and dedicates his life to this practice.
Episode 16
1 hr
Pravir Malik, author of Redesigning the Stock Market, discusses the birth of the stock market in the Netherlands and how it has progressed to the point where it is unsustainable.
Episode 17
50 mins
William Henry, author The Secret of Sion, discusses his decoding of Gnostic gospels and sacred art that reveals that Jesus ascended and will return by means of a stargate, that advanced humans live in the center of the galaxy, and that humans transform into beings of light.
Episode 18
40 mins
Author John Van Auken, a Director at the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.), discusses the multidimensional origins of humankind, through the lens of Edgar Cayce’s reading and the ancient civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis.
Episode 19
53 mins
Applying Edgar Cayce’s readings and healing techniques, Dawn Hogue brings a detailed look into some of the ways we can heal ourselves and each other.
Episode 20
49 mins
Author and documentary filmmaker Sydney Kirkpatrick discusses his research of the American prophet Edgar Cayce, conducted with exclusive access to Cayce’s personal papers and trance readings. Kirkpatrick captured Cayce’s life in detail in his book, Edgar Cayce: An American Prophet.
Episode 21
58 mins
According to Howard Martin, of the HeartMath Institute, “coming from the heart” means that we’re both learning to listen to the whisper of the heart. In this interview, Howard talks about the creation of the Institute and the Global Coherence Initiative.
Episode 22
27 mins
Physicist Claude Swanson discusses the subtle energy field, sometimes called chi, that permeates all things and affects all systems, but is very difficult to measure.
Episode 23
40 mins
Sidney Kirkpatrick, author of Hitler’s Holy Relics, discusses the history of the Spear of Destiny, thought to be the spear that was driven into the side of Jesus during the crucifixion, and Adolf Hitler’s obsession with the artifact.
Episode 24
1 hr
Henry Reed, called the father of the modern dream work movement, shares his journey of bringing the dream state to a new, more useful level for humanity.
Episode 25
50 mins
In spite of the high stress and chaos factors that are in place throughout the world right now, it would do us well to understand that this cycle has a purpose: to break old patterns in all ways. Thom Rogers explains how to use your imagination to focus on what you wish to create.