Conscious Media Network
Season 2 . 46 Episodes

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S2:Ep1, Graham Hancock on Ayahuasca (Preview)
Episode 1
27 mins
Science journalist, Graham Hancock shares his exploration of expanded consciousness by means of the beverage Ayahuasca (the Vine of Souls).
Episode 2
20 mins
Psychoanalyst Stanislav Grof discusses his work in expanded awareness, which began as a medical student volunteering for a new drug called LSD.
Episode 3
41 mins
Dr. Stuart Hameroff explains the on-board computers in our cells called microtubules, the little fields of pure potential that define and drive us. Hameroff addresses how it all works in the field of Quantum Physics and what we can take away from this knowledge.
Episode 4
49 mins
John Demartini, author of How to Make One Hell of a Profit and Still Get to Heaven, discusses the common conflict between spirituality and wealth.
Episode 5
40 mins
Mystic John Jay Harper, author of Tranceformers: Shamans of the 21st Century, discusses how discovering his deceased friend standing at the end of his bed at four o’clock in the morning changed his life.
Episode 6
47 mins
Soft-spoken Shlomo Shoham discusses his spiritual path, from his appointment as the youngest judge in Israel’s history, to developing awareness, to becoming a meditation teacher and the first Commissioner for Future Generations.
Episode 7
39 mins
If you have someone in your family that has a medical condition and you don’t trust what you hear, you may want to pay very close attention to this interview with Dr. Lorraine Day as she explains how she healed her cancer, herself.
Episode 8
55 mins
In this interview, Hank Wesselman discusses how the shaman of the world can heal people of virtually every disease known to man by including the step of healing the soul.
Episode 9
56 mins
Da Vid discusses his early years and the formation of The Light Party.
Episode 10
23 mins
Filmmaker Robert Greenwald discusses the making of his film, Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price.
Episode 11
23 mins
Suffering from fibromyalgia from birth, Dr. Jacob Tietelbaum had to find his own way to becoming pain free when he realized in his days as an intern that his colleagues couldn’t help him. Today he’s an outspoken proponent of turning to natural substances as a first approach to living without pain.
Episode 12
36 mins
Aaron Russo, writer/producer/director of the movie America: From Freedom to Fascism, discusses the history of the Federal Reserve, the true agenda of those in power, and the legality of the IRS.
Episode 13
37 mins
Studying the language of the Hopi Indians, Robert Tennyson Stevens discovered that they had no word for now, because the Hopi live in the now. In this interview he describes how language shapes thought, which shapes reality.
Episode 14
25 mins
Robin Mastro, author of Altars of Power and Grace, discusses practical ways of creating a harmonious space for work, whether at home or in the office.
Episode 15
30 mins
In this interview, Michael tells you how you can approach life and the future from the many different angles that the master used in his own work, allowing you to ‘Think Like DaVinci’ and ‘Work Like DaVinci’, both titles of his hot selling books.
Episode 16
37 mins
Psychic Hollis Polk takes an intuitive look at our economic future.
Episode 17
29 mins
In this interview, Scott Tips, a Food and Drug lawyer for over 20 years, discusses the FDA’s current and potential future power regarding supplements.
Episode 18
13 mins
Margaret Starbird was a devout Catholic, a mother of five and a military wife when she stumbled on some literature that both frightened her and forced her to begin researching what she later referred to as “the lost story of Mary Magdelene.”
Episode 19
57 mins
Stephen Basset discusses how the free flow of information regarding extra terrestrial presence has been forbidden in the media. Basset calls on every citizen to demand the proof of extra terrestrial life that we intuitively already know exists.
Episode 20
41 mins
Traveling as a pilgrim, Martin spent twenty years visiting and photographing over 1000 sacred sites in eighty countries. Martin Gray talks about his background, education and passion behind his desire to bring these Sacred Sites to the public.
Episode 21
36 mins
Regina Meredith and professor Ashok Gangadean discuss The World Wisdom Council, and viewing the world through different lenses.
Episode 22
56 mins
Burton Goldberg talks about his book, Alternative Medicine, as well as the truth about mad cow disease and Alzheimer’s in the United States, how non-holistic dental work is affecting your overall health, and startling news regarding cancer.
Episode 23
36 mins
Educated as a laser physicist, Russell’s life took an interesting turn when he began working at the Stanford Research Institute training remote viewing to CIA spies. Russell shares his experiences and what he learned from all those years of sitting in the dark.
Episode 24
42 mins
Lee Gerdes has degrees in physics, mathematics, theology and psychology and happily confesses to being a geek! Now, he has combined everything he has learned in his lifetime to create a technology that, in effect, evolves our brain by creating more neural connections.
Episode 25
54 mins
Jean Shinoda Bolen explores the psychological, spiritual, and scientific aspects of women as collaborators for change.
Episode 26
52 mins
In the second part of our interview with Dr. Lorraine Day, she continues to stir the pot and reveals information that you are likely never to have heard before, concerning cancer, AIDS, bird flu, sudden infant death syndrome, vaccines and the link between abortion and breast cancer.
Episode 27
32 mins
Jonathan Goldman is a writer, musician and teacher as well as an authority on sound healing and a pioneer in the field of harmonics. Wait until the end of the interview for an amazing example of healing sound when Jonathan gives us an impromptu performance!
Episode 28
33 mins
Eco-philosopher Peter Russell discusses why attachment to the material world is at the root of most of our suffering.
Episode 29
39 mins
Walter Cruttenden, Director of the Binary Research Institute, discusses the precession of the equinox, binary stars, and the rise and fall of civilizations.
Episode 30
24 mins
Walter Cruttenden, Director of the Binary Research Institute, producer of The Great Year, and author of The Lost Star, discusses whether our sun is part of a binary system, and who its companion may be.
Episode 31
24 mins
You will be pleased and surprised by how inspiring sand play is after this interview with Paula Petrovic.
Episode 32
58 mins
An outspoken commentator on the state of the health industry, Dr. James Hutton discusses little-known therapies such as Ultra-Violet, Ozone and Hydrogen Peroxide, and comments on Vaccines, Bird Flu, Hepatitis C and other deadly diseases.
Episode 33
26 mins
Jeff Meiring was severely depressed after the death of his adopted son. In this interview Meiring shares the events that lead up to his decision to take his life, his plan to leave the pain behind, and the miraculous accidents that changed his mind.
Episode 34
34 mins
Who are visionaries? They are the people who make bold decisions, even in the worst of times. Author Jim Hamilton claims that each of us has the innate tools to become a visionary, which he says will become the difference between following others’ agendas and creating our own.
Episode 35
18 mins
Fern Stewart Welch shares what she learned as she connected with her deepest being in order to understand what her beloved husband experienced as his mind and body slipped away.
Episode 36
35 mins
As a gastroenterologist, Dr. Becky Natrajan saw patients’ health deteriorate in spite of her efforts as an MD. When a particularly frustrating patient returned after a year’s absence looking slim, vibrant and young, Dr. Natrajan decided to learn what was really needed to heal her patients.
Episode 37
19 mins
Film producer Robert Greenwald discusses war profiteering, and the making of the film, Iraq for Sale.
Episode 38
52 mins
Steven Ross discusses beauty, the feminine divine and his unique barometer on the state of a human being.
Episode 39
30 mins
Michael Hane discusses the ATLASPROFILAX method of relocating the first cervical vertebra to its natural position and the profound effect it has on physical, mental and spiritual well being.
Episode 40
15 mins
Byron Katie discusses self-inquiry – are our thoughts and feelings true, or just a program that we keep running, to our own detriment?
Episode 41
26 mins
Author, lecturer and guide, John Anthony West, discusses the evidence that suggests the Sphinx may have been built much earlier than previously thought.
Episode 42
38 mins
Neurologist Dr. Robert Scaer author of The Trauma Spectrum: Hidden Wounds and Human Resiliency, discusses his book and the implications of childbirth and trauma.
Episode 43
21 mins
Physicist Claude Swanson discusses the need for humanity to reconnect spirituality with actions.
Episode 44
20 mins
David Berceli discusses how the body naturally discharges trauma and how we suppress this natural process due to societal pressures and cultural shame.
Episode 45
49 mins
In this first of a two-part interview, historian Ralph Ellis discusses why the Judaic culture may have stemmed from the Hyksos line of Egyptian Pharaohs.
Episode 46
19 mins
Richard Hoagland suggests that much of what we know as the U.S.-Soviet accomplishments in space are simply a camouflage for much deeper and profound truths, truths that we need to take a look at today to avoid a potentially similar fate as those civilizations that he says have disappeared.