Conscious Media Network
Season 4 . 46 Episodes

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S4:Ep1, David Wolfe on the Life in your Food (Preview)
Episode 1
33 mins
Wow! What incredible energy and vitality comes off David Wolfe! We met up with David at the Green Festival in San Francisco recently where he sat down with us to share his personal philosophy on food.
Episode 2
38 mins
Regina Meredith and author Barbara Marciniak discuss breaking the paradigm trance, making peace with our self, our physical form, and the consciousness that occupies that physical form, and much more.
Episode 3
35 mins
Boris Fritz, an engineer at Northrop Grumman with three patents in aerospace, for 40 years has been fascinated by the History of Religions, History of India, Sanskrit Language, and the Ancient Near East.
Episode 4
28 mins
HH Sai Maa, reveals an ancient lineage of wisdom that takes us back to Atlantean times, and discusses creating a proper alignment between technology and love at a time when technology appears to be dominating the human experience.
Episode 5
50 mins
Stephen Lewis, creator of the AIM (all inclusive method) Program, discusses his study of consciousness within the field of quantum mechanics. Lewis asserts that there is no separation between consciousness, spirituality and healing.
Episode 6
54 mins
Using Future Life Progression techniques Dr. Chet Snow and Helen Wambach began uncovering mysterious clues from the Hopi Elders, and Crop Circles, and what lies ahead for all of us.
Episode 7
58 mins
Dr. David James talks about the hidden factors of our species' deteriorating health, the pandemic of Lyme disease and the new technology that is said to detect any disease in the body and fix it at a quantum information level.
Episode 8
40 mins
The preeminent researcher in UFOlogy, Linda Moulton Howe, tells us that after 28 years of research that we can no longer afford to ignore the fact that aliens have been visiting and working with Earth and its species for millennia.
Episode 9
27 mins
James Gilliland has been trying to take the giggle factor out of the subject of UFOs for many years. For more than a decade, James has been exposing average citizens, government agents and UFO researchers to his land to “call in the ships”.
Episode 10
59 mins
Jessica Murray’s work indicates that astrologically, the US is entering a state of great crisis, a crisis that can bring about great revolution leading to deep healing.
Episode 11
39 mins
Egyptologist Robert Bauval says that Egypt’s Great Pyramid is speaking to us and that we must listen to the wisdom of a remnant of what he describes as history’s most successful civilization.
Episode 12
22 mins
John Burke explains the evidence that the dynamic, focused energy of sacred sites was perfectly designed to charge seeds with electromagnetic energy, which greatly enhances crop yield. Better yet, the same technology can be applied today without the use of fertilizers.
Episode 13
52 mins
Lynne McTaggart has devoted several years chronicling the scientific study the power of intention and has come back with an unmitigated “yes, it does work.”
Episode 15
34 mins
In this interview Nick Begich discusses the cell phone technology and what that means to our lives, and shares information about quantum computing, a reality that he says is just around the corner.
Episode 16
45 mins
Judith Orloff walks in two worlds. She is a psychiatrist who has melded her practice of medicine with her work with energy and intuition. The combination of these two skills allows her to take her clients deep into their own transformation and healing process.
Episode 17
55 mins
Michael Horn is Billy Meier’s liaison to the English speaking world. Billy Meier is perhaps the most controversial of all contactee cases on record.
Episode 18
35 mins
Dannion Brinkley, who survived two Near Death Experiences, talks about what he saw during his NDEs that would affect us in 20 years time.
Episode 19
40 mins
Richard Moss is internationally respected as a visionary thinker, teacher and author of six books on transformation, self-healing, and the art of conscious living. Richard discusses developing a state of deep connectedness.
Episode 20
29 mins
Comedian Vanda Mikoloski discusses laughter as a path to enlightenment. Vanda’s comedy deals with the human predicament, the trap of the egoic mind and the absurdity of it all.
Episode 21
55 mins
In this conversation, Leuren Moret speaks about global programs for decreasing the world’s population. Some of them are quite chilling, so may want to brace yourself for some of this information.
Episode 22
46 mins
Former theologian and psychologist, and author of The Soul Genome: Science and Reincarnation, Paul Von Ward, applies the process of realistic, validateable learning to reincarnation research.
Episode 23
28 mins
While many of us spend our time digging to the depths of one subject after another putting the mysteries of Life together, it is often the most simple and obvious aspects of our lives that trip us up, like human relationships. This is Benig Mauger’s territory
Episode 24
52 mins
In this interview in Sedona in May of 2008, Drunvalo talks about what he sees is coming in the near future and how most of the Hopi and Mayan prophecies concerning 2012, have not come from the Hopis and Mayans themselves.
Episode 25
41 mins
Leonid Sharashkin is a life-long gardener and the publisher of the Ringing Cedar series of books about the wisdom of a Siberian woman named Anastasia.
Episode 26
48 mins
Mark Pinkham defines the divergent paths that the Knights Templars took a couple of centuries ago, which has resulted in great confusion in the minds of the public. Today, the Gnostic Templars are resurrecting the original esoteric knowledge that they practiced, awakening Man to his true potential.
Episode 27
54 mins
Patent examiner Tom Valone discusses climate change, and alternative energies that are not in the mainstream and available to the public – and why.
Episode 28
41 mins
Peggy Phoenix Dubro discusses the universal lattice and human lattice, and her EMF Balancing technique.
Episode 29
34 mins
Guy Finley understood, early in life, that wealth and possessions are not a path to happiness. This awareness led him on a life-long quest to educate himself, and others, as to our innate wholeness.
Episode 30
50 mins
Dr. Steven Hairfield, mystic, monk, psychic and scholar, describes his journey to the realization that we are already what we want to be, but because we think we are broken, we don’t love ourselves and believe we are imperfect, we live in a world that we ourselves fill with struggles.
Episode 31
37 mins
Dr. Thom Rogers shares that healing through the quantum field extends beyond the human being, that the same technology can be applied to healing businesses.
Episode 32
50 mins
In this interview, Amit Goswami, Ph.D. explains what God is, why our civilization seems to have stalled and how we might make our life purpose about happiness rather than pleasure.
Episode 33
38 mins
Harvey Bigelsen has made some discoveries concerning the deadly Hepatitis C virus. His observations and clinical work is suggesting that Hepatitis C is not necessarily contracted via IV’s and other external contact.
Episode 34
55 mins
Richard Flyer discusses his background, how he became involved in non-violent community action, and the benefits and challenges of building conscious communities.
Episode 35
46 mins
Steven Hairfield and Regina Meredith discuss Jesus’ metaphysical roots and how Christianity has been distorted over the ages.
Episode 37
22 mins
Fiona Ramsey explains that the beauty of KIVA is that it allows each donor to directly impact another person in a way that is so meaningful that the lender feels as grateful for the opportunity as the recipient does, half way around the world.
Episode 38
52 mins
Raymond Francis discusses how anyone can recover their health, regardless of their current condition. He knows this because he once sat at death’s door before he remembered something from his chemistry studies at MIT—a solution that cost pennies and ultimately saved his life.
Episode 39
29 mins
Her Holiness Sai Maa, discusses the necessity for parents to prepare for bringing a new life to the planet.
Episode 40
35 mins
Clifford Stone spent 22 years in the US Army as a part of an extremely elite and secret group that was rapidly dispatched to crash sites in order to recover UFO or ET craft, bodies, and artifacts. Since his retirement from the Army, he has devoted his time to a diligent Freedom of Information Act search of government archives.
Episode 41
48 mins
Join Jessica Murray to learn how the U. S.’s Astrological chart is playing out; these are the times she has been warning about.
Episode 42
51 mins
In this interview, Dr Joe Dispenza draws from the experiences that caused him to write his book, Evolve Your Brain – The Science of Changing Your Mind, and gets into what actually happens in your brain to create behavior.
Episode 43
55 mins
The collapse of the credit markets have left millions of people frozen in their tracks, unable to pay their loans and credit card bills on one hand, and not able to obtain any new credit on the other. James Martinez guides people through the process of getting out from under their debt.
Episode 44
31 mins
In times of tragedy, when the life of a loved one is taken by another in a senseless act, one of the last things to be dealt with is the act of forgiveness. For André Smith, a practicing Buddhist, it was the first thing he did.
Episode 45
51 mins
Former Command Sergeant Major Bob Dean tells a story that skillfully presents an astonishing and convincing message: that we are not alone on this planet and never have been.
Episode 46
51 mins
Kahu Fred Sterling is a master medium, a minister and a messenger – a shaman of Native American ancestry who walks between the third dimensional world of human and the boundless realms of spirit.
Episode 47
33 mins
At the end of Part 1, Kahu Fred drops a bit of a bombshell piece of information that Regina is compelled to follow up and have him explain. This companion interview is an accompaniment and should be watched only after seeing Part 1.
Episode 48
58 mins
The information in this interview is designed to inform you rather than scare you – the initial impact may speed up your heart rate or challenge you but this is important information to know about and Lorraine is a straight talker.