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Season 7 . 46 Episodes

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S7:Ep1, Billy Merritt on Superfoods (Preview)
Episode 1
46 mins
Billy Merritt exemplifies the shining health of someone who is dedicated to consuming greens and super foods. Today, he formulates and sells his own line of super foods which he developed after ten years of research and development.
Episode 2
57 mins
Mony Vital, author of Ageless Living: Freedom from the Culture of Death, discusses our culture of death, from life insurance and religion to the big business of anti-aging.
Episode 3
52 mins
Stephen Bassett, a leading advocate for ending the 63-year government imposed truth embargo regarding an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race, discusses how disclosure is progressing and the repercussions of a government run by secrecy.
Episode 4
39 mins
There’s no issue more vulnerable to the giggle factor than that of alien abduction. Kim Carlsberg wrote her first book, Beyond My Wildest Dreams, from her own personal experiences as an abductee.
Episode 5
1 hr 2 mins
Nothing has intrigued human kind more than whether or not we’ve been visited by extraterrestrials. Philip Coppens explains the connections between civilizations and how scientists need to work together with the people who make discoveries of ancient artifacts.
Episode 6
58 mins
Physicist and media producer David Sereda has an innate understanding of the level of vibration and electro-magnetism at which all of humanity vibrates. In this interview, which covers a great many subjects, David talks about the source of energy coming from the galactic center and the effect it has on all life on earth.
Episode 7
34 mins
Personal Growth Guide Cynthia James discusses her life, the personal challenges that permeated five generations of women in her family and how she chose to heal the cycles of abuse.
Episode 8
38 mins
Raymond Moody, author of Life After Life, discusses the origins of his work and the people that inspired and affected him in his early years of research, as well as what he has learned from talking to many people about their near-death experiences.
Episode 9
52 mins
Gregg Braden and Regina discuss how we, as humans, must have come from an intelligence that is greater than the scientific facts allow, especially as so much of the recognized evidence has changed.
Episode 10
47 mins
John Rush, author of Mushrooms in Christian Art, discusses the human desire to alter consciousness in a culture under stress, and says that there is evidence that mushrooms have had far greater significance in our spiritual awakening than has been previously attributed.
Episode 11
48 mins
Naturopathic doctor Theresa Dale, founder of the California College of Natural Medicine, discusses her naturopathic approach to balancing hormones.
Episode 12
41 mins
What happens when we die? In this companion interview to Raymond Moody, Regina discusses Paul’s movie, Afterlife and the nature of the afterlife as seen through the eyes of NDE’s.
Episode 13
58 mins
Regina Meredith talks with anthropologist Hank Wesselman about the original practice of shamanism, how it shaped the world’s spiritual traditions and why it is relevant today.
Episode 14
18 mins
Deborah Pratt talks about her work on Quantum Leap, and on The Vision Quest, and discusses remembering who we are and holding on to our own power in every aspect of our life.
Episode 15
52 mins
Lynne Kitei shares some of her 13 years of meticulous research on the strange lights seen over Phoenix and throughout Arizona on March 13th 1997.
Episode 16
56 mins
In this interview, Regina discusses the basis of Michael A. Cremo’s book, Forbidden Archeology, the true origins of humankind and the seemingly state sponsored promotion of Darwinian Theory within the education system.
Episode 17
38 mins
What do Jesus, Thoth, the Annunaki and 2012 all have in common? To find the answer, you’ll need to watch this video with Tricia McCannon.
Episode 19
55 mins
Donna Fisher, author of Dirty Electricity and Electromagnetic Radiation, describes how dirty electricity has surrounded us for decades and how it impacts our health, especially where cancer is concerned. In the second part of the interview, David Stetzer discusses the technology end of this story.
Episode 20
32 mins
Writer and documentary film producer, G. Edward Griffin, discusses chemtrails – what we should know about them and what we can do about them.
Episode 21
23 mins
Daryl Anka channels the extraterrestrial entity known as Bashar. Over the years, thousands of individuals have had the opportunity to apply these principles and see if they really work to change their lives and create the reality that they desire.
Episode 22
33 mins
Anita Vazquez-Tibau discusses how important it is to remove mercury and other metals from your mouth to ensure good health, no matter how well you eat or look after yourself in other ways.
Episode 23
1 hr
Elena Tonetti Vladimirova discusses what childbirth was like for most Russian women in the early 1920s, and what makes positive birthing so important if we are to create a conscious living community on earth.
Episode 24
43 mins
Robert Moss, author of Active Dreaming: Journeying Beyond Limitation to a Life of Wild Freedom, discusses dreaming and daydreaming (active dreaming), and shares his wisdom about the internal dreamscape.
Episode 25
56 mins
Karen McCall talks shares her learning experience when she was forced to deal with her money demons. It turned into a deep spiritual process of self-evaluation that was, in turn, the start of a career in helping others.
Episode 26
33 mins
Elena Tonetti Vladimirova tells us about what she feels was the inspiration for Vladimir Megre’s series of books about a woman named Anastasia. The books became known as the Ringing Cedars series.
Episode 27
43 mins
Minister, counselor and author James Gilliand talks about the nature of some of the beings that visit his Oregon ranch and about the need for all of us to unplug from the Hollywood portrayal of the evil monster scenarios that are continually perpetuated in the mainstream media.
Episode 28
1 hr 6 mins
Clairvoyant Stewart Swerdlow discusses the mysterious events of his conception, his family history, his involvement with The Montauk Project and his understanding of the planets and species that have interacted with Earth.
Episode 29
1 hr 1 min
Relaxing with his customary cigar in the beautiful surroundings of Mount Adams, former Command Sergeant Major Robert Dean shares his experiences of his current and former lives openly.
Episode 30
1 hr 36 mins
Douglas Dietrich, a former military research librarian at the San Francisco Presidio, says that he used his high clearance to acquire access to ancient documents and books containing satanic rituals, which he says are practiced by many high-ranking military officers.
Episode 31
59 mins
What does it take for an individual to move to the higher realms? How do you know what is normal when all our input comes from someone else? These are questions that Neil Kramer has studied.
Episode 32
52 mins
In this interview, Patricia explains how Evolutionary Relationships is the next step in humanity’s development. It can be called ‘The Higher We’ and explores our potential to consciously engage.
Episode 33
56 mins
In this first segment of a two-part interview, George Kavassilas talks about his early years, his abductions by extraterrestrials and his greater awareness and understanding of our universe, who we are and our journey home.
Episode 34
49 mins
Astrophysicist Bernard Haisch, author of The Purpose Driven Universe, says the most fundamental questions cannot be answered without acknowledging the presence of an intelligence or divine order within the universe.
Episode 35
25 mins
Marriage and family therapist Helaine Harris discusses using meditation tools to help clients identify and connect with their inner wisdom.
Episode 36
55 mins
Medical doctor, Stanley Monteith discusses his views on the current agenda for controlling America’s population through the school system, the medical system, banking and government.
Episode 37
1 hr 10 mins
In this second segment of a two-part interview, George Kavassilas talks about the artificial constructs of organized religion, the fourth and fifth dimensions and our true essence as souls on this planet.
Episode 38
45 mins
Amy Ahlers, author of Big Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves, discusses the results of her research and what the most common lies are.
Episode 39
42 mins
Author Don Miguel shares a story about watching one’s own movie on a screen and then watching everyone else’s movie. Once you understand that no one sees the truth about you, not even yourself, you can start living authentically, with the power to listen and create a life of personal freedom and ease.
Episode 40
33 mins
Jonathan Schooler shares the background of his discovery of the phenomena he calls the decline effect (beginner’s luck), and suggests that both a scientific explanation and an X-factor of consciousness are responsible.
Episode 41
55 mins
We’ve heard of giants in legends throughout history, and Klaus Dona offers physical proof. These, along with other extraordinary ancient artifacts, make up the body of his work today as a curator of unexplained ancient artifacts.
Episode 42
48 mins
Author and artist Graham Nicholls has been aware of beings that no one else could see from a young age. He shares his experiences and how they gave him a different perspective on reality than those around him.
Episode 43
40 mins
Biologist Rupert Sheldrake discusses morphogenetic fields and the experiments he has run to prove telepathy between humans and telepathy between humans and animals.
Episode 44
56 mins
Nicholas Vesey explains that one does not need to disconnect from the 3-D world to experience profound moments of insight. Indeed, some of the most poignant moments in life come amidst the chaos.
Episode 45
43 mins
Bill McKenna discusses his upbringing, avoiding the wrath of his father, reaching his material dreams and finding them impermanent, developing his intuition, and discovering the root cause of his depression and anger.
Episode 46
49 mins
Regina talks with Marc Allen, the owner of New World Library, to find out more about the man who publishes thousands of enlightening books and what made him tick.
Episode 47
54 mins
Historian Raymond Tarpey discusses his research linking ancient China and the ancient Maya and explains how the readings of Edger Cayce provided answers that were not available in mainline histories.