Season 3 . 16 Episodes

Join host Lisa Garr for fascinating interviews featuring leading-edge visionaries, spiritual teachers and inspiring innovators in personal development and mind-body wellness.

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S3:Ep1, The Truth about Dieting (Preview)
Inspirations (Trailer)
Episode 1
57 mins
Do the foods we eat keep us stuck in the diet trap?
Episode 2
58 mins
Co-create the life you want.
Episode 3
58 mins
What if your soul came with an owner’s manual?
Episode 5
56 mins
What is the secret to creating abundance?
Episode 6
56 mins
What can we learn from the spirit world? Well-known medium James Van Praagh shares how to connect with our loved ones who have passed on.
Episode 7
59 mins
Can you help your body heal itself? Absolutely, according to Dain Heer, the creator of an energetic healing process that helps you use your intuition to feel better.
Episode 8
55 mins
Loss is a part of life, but you can dramatically shorten the time you spend grieving. Learn how from Aurora Winter, founder of the Grief Coach Academy.
Episode 9
55 mins
What happens when a Hollywood insider decides to make movies that exalt the human spirit? Film producer Stephen Simon shares his inspiring journey.
Episode 10
57 mins
Do what you love and the money will follow. Marcia Wieder, who coaches Jack Canfield, shares practical tips and resources for achieving your personal and professional dreams.
Episode 11
57 mins
Looking for guidance on combining the best of mainstream and natural medicine? Dr. Hyla Cass, acclaimed integrative medicine expert, shares the tools you need to take charge of your health.
Episode 12
57 mins
Can viral videos transform how people treat each other? Absolutely, says filmmaker Mikki Willis.
Episode 13
57 mins
Does your spirit live on after your body dies? Spiritual healer Michael Tamura talks candidly about his near-death experiences.
Episode 14
57 mins
It's been more than 15 years since don Miguel Ruiz, Sr., published the best-selling The Four Agreements. Hear how his guide to spiritual awareness has changed thousands of lives.
Episode 15
58 mins
Don Miguel Ruiz, Jr., author of The Five Levels of Attachment, carries on the work of his father, don Miguel Ruiz, Sr., explaining how we attach ourselves inappropriately to beliefs that cause suffering. Don't miss this rare interview with father and son.
Episode 16
57 mins
Do people with too much empathy have trouble losing weight? Yes, says intuitive counselor Colette Baron-Reid, author of Weight Loss for People Who Feel Too Much.
Episode 17
1 hr
Can spiritual teachings from indigenous cultures show us how to be true to ourselves? Denise Linn, founder of International Institute of Soul Coaching, shares her thoughts.