Season 9 . 18 Episodes

Join host Lisa Garr for fascinating interviews featuring leading-edge visionaries, spiritual teachers and inspiring innovators in personal development and mind-body wellness.

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S9:Ep1, An Inspired Life with Regina Meredith (Preview)
Inspirations (Trailer)
Episode 1
55 mins
Regina Meredith reveals the events and inspirations in her life that have led to her work in conscious media, and she shows the way to discovering your life’s purpose.
Episode 2
58 mins
Eben Alexander, bridging the gap between science and spirituality, explores what it means to live your life when you know that consciousness never dies.
Episode 3
1 hr 2 mins
Is it possible that the most difficult things that ever happened to us were the greatest opportunities we’ve been given to grow and evolve?
Episode 4
55 mins
A new human is emerging everywhere, insists the eternally-hopeful Barbara Marx Hubbard, a true American visionary.
Episode 5
1 hr
Have you had a life on Earth or anywhere else before? Linda Backman, who specializes in past life regression, tells you how to bring your soul to light.
Episode 6
58 mins
Anita Sanchez introduces Four Elements and Four Gifts, all with simple, practical exercises to help you connect with the oneness of everything.
Episode 7
51 mins
We are more together than alone. And because we are wired to care about each other for our wellbeing, community builds coherence.
Episode 8
57 mins
Ben Fuchs offers a wealth of easy-to-follow, easy-to-understand keys to better health, including six common-sense steps for a stronger you.
Episode 9
55 mins
Helpful remedies are at our fingertips! We would never be hungry if we knew what was abounding right in our own backyards.
Episode 10
51 mins
The spirit of humanity is rising to the occasion and we are ushering in a new and very different world right in the midst of the old one.
Episode 11
54 mins
We must let go of the old shells of who we’ve been so we can find out who we are.
Episode 12
58 mins
Clinical neuropsychologist Mario Martinez brings together insights from medicine, psychology, anthropology and spirituality to create biocognitive science. He maintains that mind and body are inseparable from culture.
Episode 13
54 mins
Twenty million American adults and children struggle with substance abuse. Chris Grosso has struggled with addiction for years, bringing a spiritual approach to his efforts.
Episode 14
57 mins
Sonja Grace travels to extraordinary places and experiences what happened there and communes with spirits that reside there.
Episode 15
56 mins
Do we go anywhere after we die? Raymond Moody, who coined the term “Near Death Experience,” is probably closer to that question than anyone on Earth.
Episode 16
1 hr
Mercury in retrograde? Jupiter in Sagittarius? New moon? Full moon? Eclipse? What does it all mean, and when is it happening?
Episode 17
54 mins
Chi is your connection with the universe; your connection with the life force and a source for healing.
Episode 18
58 mins
If you transform your personality, you can transform your life, and that transformation can lead to a life that is nothing short of miraculous.