Shapeshift: Exploring Movement & Emotions

Ashleigh Sergeant
1 Season, 7 Episodes
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The shapes and patterns that we unconsciously hold within the body can affect our energy, emotions, and mental patterns. As the ancient yogis discovered and modern science continues to confirm, our body is a physical reflection of our mind. When we change our mind, we change our body. When we change our body, we change our mind.

This series explores our ability to shift harmful thought patterns and imbalanced emotions through conscious movement and attention. You will learn how moving the body, shaping the breath, and focusing the mind can shift your state to a place of equilibrium and balance.

These practices are designed to meet you where you are at and take you to a better place. Powerful alignment-based asana, subtle somatic movement, skillful breathwork, and visualization techniques will give you tools to live in a state of harmony.

You are more than just your mind and more than just your physical body -- you are energy pulsating infinitely. Because of this, you don’t actually need to cognitively understand “how” or “why” you are a particular way. Nor do you need to overanalyze how to shift your perspective or experience. In this series, we will work with more mystical and subtle practices to learn to shift our energy and experience in profound and long-lasting ways. The mind has no place in these subtle realms that are the true breeding ground for self-discovery.