Loneliness to Connection: Unlock Your Pelvis

S1:Ep3HathaAll Levels-1, 250 mins

Unlock and restore movement in your entire pelvis, reproductive organs, and lower digestive tract, by twisting, opening the groins, releasing the outer hips, opening the pelvic floor and balancing the sacrum. Dynamic movements, intricate somatics, and powerful visualization techniques will give you a lasting experience of your truly abundant nature.

Caffeine, sugar, social media, long to-do lists and just about all of the other daily stimulation in life can make us feel empty, lacking and always needing more. By turning your awareness towards that which is completely full within you, you can connect to your unwavering re-source of power within. In this class, you will nourish and ground your vital life force in order to transform feelings of emptiness and loneliness into fullness and connection.

Instructor/Host: Ashleigh Sergeant
Video Language: English